UNC Visit Stands Out For Caprice

In a matter of two days, Edsel Caprice made inaugural visits to two of his favorite schools. The 6-foot-2, 200-pound linebacker from Cape Coral (Fla.) traveled to Wake Forest on Wednesday, followed by North Carolina on Thursday.

"[These visits] were very important in helping me keep narrowing it down and narrowing it down to find the place I want to be," Caprice said.

"Both of [the visits] went very well. I really liked UNC, though – it really stuck out. I could really see myself playing at UNC – it was a real comfortable environment, I liked all the coaches, [and] I liked all the players that I met while I was there."

Caprice entered this visits with five favorite schools - Kentucky, South Florida, and West Virginia, in addition to UNC and Wake Forest. The two trips this week just might have helped him narrow the list further. He now plans to make a commitment by the end of the month.

"If my teammate (Prince Holloway) goes to visit West Virginia, I'll tag along with him," Caprice said. "If he doesn't, I don't know if I will visit West Virginia or Kentucky. If I don't visit them, it basically cancels them out."

More importantly, though, the two visits might have altered Caprice's leader. Heading into this week's visits, South Florida had a solid lead over the other four favorites.

"I'd say you might see changes, but I'm going to need a little time to soak it all in," Caprice said. "I can say it's equal now [between UNC and South Florida]."

Caprice has previously visited South Florida. In the near future, he plans to return to USF with his mother, so that she can see the school.

Accompanied by his mother on this Chapel Hill trip, Caprice arrived at UNC at 10 a.m. and remained on campus until 5 p.m.

"We did a lot of stuff," Caprice said. "We toured the whole campus, I talked to [Butch Davis], I talked to [Art Kaufman], I met some of the players and all the coaches, [and] I went to the business school and talked to the counselors there."

Caprice spoke to Davis for approximately 20-25 minutes in his office.

"We talked about random stuff," Caprice said. "We talked about how he likes the program and what did I think of it. And then he answered questions from my mom."

Caprice then met with Kaufman in his office, before the two headed to the film room.

"We talked about the same thing [as Davis], but it was more about football," Caprice said.

Before the visit, Caprice inquired about UNC's linebacker situation. Kaufman informed him that they were looking to sign three or four linebackers with the 2010 class.

"Coach Kaufman said they're really looking for athletic guys that can run and that can play linebacker," Caprice said. "Basically, they want guys that can play and be interchangeable. They want guys that can drop down into any of the linebacker positions. Say if somebody goes down, they want [their linebackers] to know all their [linebacker] positions."

Among the UNC players Caprice spent time with was freshman defensive back Tre Boston, who is from Caprice's area.

"We weren't like close friends, but I've known him for a long time," Caprice said.

Caprice has a total of 14 scholarship offers, including his five favorites and Louisville, Central Florida, Iowa State, Minnesota, Purdue

Last season, he starred at weak-side defensive end in Cape Coral's 3-4 defense. He ended the season with 110 tackles, including 18 for a loss and 20 sacks, and seven forced fumbles.

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