UNC Jumps Into Frost's Top 5

During a visit to North Carolina on Friday, Kris Frost discovered that UNC is now recruiting him at a different position.

Frost is now on the Tar Heel recruiting board as a wide receiver.

"They're really excited about me coming in as a receiver – that was a big plus – [and] filling in for Greg Little when he leaves [after this season]," Frost said. "They really like my size and how physical I am coming off the line and how much I resemble Greg Little."

UNC, like most schools, began recruiting Frost as an outside linebacker, the position he earned All-Area, All-County, and All-Conference honors at last season. Now the Tar Heels join Auburn, Michigan, Wake Forest, and West Virginia as schools recruiting the 6-foot-2, 216-pounder from Matthews (N.C.) Butler as a wide receiver.

"Initially, [UNC] saw what I did at linebacker and figured that's my position [in college]," Frost said. "I asked them if I could play receiver [in college], and they really opened up to that because they talked about how much they want me for both [positions] and how they respect my athletic ability."

Not only has Frost made it clear in prior interviews that wide receiver is the position he'd prefer to play in college, but he has stated since his recruitment began that the position he's being recruiting for will play a role in his collegiate decision.

Charlie Williams, UNC's wide receivers coach, was on vacation when Frost visited on Friday. Despite Williams' absence, Frost watched wide receiver film during his UNC stay.

"I saw how I could fit into the pro-style offense," Frost said.

Frost has made a few visits to UNC in the past. Friday's trip, though, might have been the most important to date.

"We're trying to get these visits in with the schools I've been offered by and that I'm really looking into," Frost said. "We're coming up on the final schools that we're going to visit and then we're going to lay them all down and really weigh out the pros and cons of everything.

"North Carolina was definitely a school that we had to visit. My dad didn't get a chance to come up with us when my mom and I went or when my brother and I went. So we had to come up one more time [so my dad could see the school]."

Frost has visited several schools. However, outside of UNC, both of his parents have only joined him on trips to Auburn and Michigan.

After visiting UNC on Friday, Frost isn't exactly sure what his top five schools list looks like. However, he says the Tar Heels are "definitely in my top five."

"[The visit] definitely moved some schools around," Frost said. "[UNC] definitely jumped up quite a bit. And it just made the recruiting process that much harder."

During previous visits to UNC, Frost had received campus tours. Thus, the tour that was given during Friday's visit was primarily to introduce the campus to his father. Regardless, there were a few parts new to Frost, including a look at the dorms, library, and academic buildings.

Like the campus tour, Frost's meeting with Butch Davis on Friday was more for his father than anything else.

"They really hit it off really well and had some fun conversations," Frost said. "We really just talked about the importance of the recruiting process and how I have to weed out a lot of the stuff and how I need to base my decision on what program is going to offer me the most."

The next couple of stops for Frost and his parents are Clemson and South Carolina, although no specific plans have been established. It has also been decided that he'll officially visit California and LSU.

"We're really trying to lay [the schools] out right now [and] really see which ones [I want to officially visit]," Frost said. "[California and LSU] are the only two that I have right now that I know for sure we're going to officially visit."

Frost adds that he's less likely to officially visit closer schools.

"We're trying to really use the official visits for the schools that are far away – like Michigan, LSU, [and] Cal," Frost said.

Frost plans take all five of his official visits, narrow his focus to three to five schools, and then announce his college destination at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

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