Commitment Q&A with Landon Turner

HARRISONBURG, Va. --- Landon Turner announced his commitment to UNC at a Sunday afternoon press conference at his high school. Once he stepped down from the podium, he talked to about his decision ...

What was it about UNC that made you decide to become a Tar Heel?

"The coaches are relatable. The campus is beautiful. I fell in love with the campus because everything was clean [and] pristine. It was definitely one of the best places I've been to. I just enjoyed the campus. I got to meet some of the players. I felt like a lot of them were like me. I got to hang out with the guys and we had a lot of the same interests.

"It just felt like a good place. It felt like the right place."

"It felt like the right place."
Could you pin-point one thing that helped you make this decision?

"That's a really tough question. It's hard to explain, because every school had something to offer me. You can ask my parents, there was a point where I was like ‘I don't know how I could pick a single school.' Every school was so great and had so much to offer.

"When it came down to it, it was just a feeling I had. And I meditated on it, prayed on it, and I just got that solid feeling. That's the best way I can explain it."

Have you talked to the UNC coaches about your intentions?

"I talked to them recently. I've been keeping in touch with the coaches these last three weeks, but not as much as I usually do because I visited South Carolina with my dad trying to get my mind out of recruiting before coming back to it today."

Did you tell the coaches from Virginia Tech and West Virginia your intentions? And how did they react?

"I did. They were obviously disappointed. I connected with them, too and they're great, great people. I wished them the best, because they definitely deserved it, because they've spent so much time with me and they worked so hard. I hope they continue on with their success."

What role did Sam Pittman play in your decision?

"Coach Pittman is a piece of work. He's definitely one of the most out there and crazy guys. I love him. That was another part of the decision – he's my kind of guy. He doesn't yell or anything, he's to the point, he always gets his job done, and he's funny, more than anything."

What about UNC's current players…?

"Definitely, and that's not to downplay the other players from any of the other schools. I met other players and recruits committed to different schools that I'm friends with and I think they're the best, but I had to remove that from the decision process and work internally."

Who were some of the UNC players that you really connected with?

"The Hurst brothers [James and Nelson] definitely, Jon Cooper – pretty much the whole offensive line; I could name them all."

"I will take one official – UNC - and that's it."
How does it feel to make the decision now?

"I originally planned on taking all of the official [visits] and waiting and deciding at the end of the season. But now, getting it over with, I feel that Carolina is definitely the right place. It's a big weight off my shoulders for the season. Now I can focus on being 17 and playing high school football."

Will you visit other schools?

"My recruitment is done. I will take one official – UNC - and that's it."

Do you have that official visit scheduled yet?

"I'm not sure. I'll have to ask my mom."

When was the final decision made?

"I knew earlier this summer. But, again, I went to my dad's to step back from the situation and then revisit some [schools]. I really didn't know until this past week."

Your last visit to UNC a month ago, what role did that play in your decision?

"It was instrumental. I made a lot of visits around the eastern side of the country – because I wanted to stay relatively close. I've seen a lot of schools, and I had this storage in my mind and I had my notebook that I wrote down in. It was an educated decision.

"The North Carolina visit surpassed them all, really. It made me feel like it was right."

How did the break from recruiting help you?

"It helped me step out of the whole world and focus on myself and my family. It was great to think about it while relaxing."

During your break, UNC received several commitments. How much did you pay attention to that?

"The North Carolina visit surpassed them all."
"My step dad and parents paid attention to that. But I was focused on kicking back and trying to get to the beach and golf. It wasn't really that big of a deal for me."

Have you conversed with any of those recruits who have committed?

"Actually, no."

What about uncommitted recruits. Have you contacted them or do you plan on talking to them?

"From my opinion after being in it, I don't think they need to hear anything I have to say. At this point, I've heard everything I need to hear and I'm sure they feel the same way. I'm going to let them do them, like they let me do me, and let them find the best fit for them."

What are your thoughts on UNC's offensive line recruiting?

"I'm excited – I really am. We have a lot of potential. Now, we have to show up, be a leader, and make the most of it."

What is the game plan once you get on campus regarding playing time and position?

"Of course, just like anybody I'm going to have to work for it, that's what Coach Pittman said. But he projected me at left guard to start, because that's where they're going to have an opening. I don't pay too much attention to that. I'm going to work my hardest and if I play, I play and if I don't, I don't."

Do you plan on graduating early and enrolling at UNC in January?



Was this the right fit for Landon Turner?

"Landon made the right choice, because it was the choice he and his family chose. He put a lot of thought into this – there's no question. Any time that you got as many schools recruiting you as Landon had, there's going to be some disappointed people.

"Like I told Landon earlier, that's just like in a high school football game: everybody doesn't love you. There's going to be people that are disappointed and there's going to be people that will be very happy. I'm sure North Carolina fans are very happy."

What's it like to have Landon on your team the past three-four years?

"He's been one of those kids that has played since his freshman year. We've probably had five or six freshman that have played and started since I've been here.

"And he's been a good role model. He's been great off the field. I love the way he interacts with his teachers. He's a polite young man and I'm sure that helped win over a lot of the coaches that decided to recruit him.

"If you want to talk about his football, he's one of the best football players to come through here."

What's it like to have a kid like Turner on your offensive line?

"You'll have to ask Michael Holmes [Harrisonburg's starting running back] more about that. But anytime you have a young man that has the skills that Landon has obviously you're going to run his way quite a bit. We intend to do that again this year."

A lot of players get recruited. What separates Turner to the point to basically have his choice of schools?

"It's like what I said earlier to the whole crowd: not only is he a great football player – there's a lot of players in the nation that have talent. What I think separates Landon is he's a great role model – on and off the field – and you don't have to worry about Landon's grades, he has great work ethic, and most of all, he's a team ball player."

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