Williams Knows His Role

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. – Amir Williams isn't ashamed of being big. At 6-foot-10, 227 pounds, the 2011 center from Detroit, Mich. doesn't mind throwing his body around.

In games against Boo Williams and the Georgia Stars at the Peach Jam on Monday, Williams was a force inside, averaging 10.0 points, 9.0 rebounds and 6.5 blocks.

"I like playing a physical game. It makes the game more fun to play," Williams said. "I just come out ready to be physical, ready to play hard, banging. That's what basketball is about right now."

In the morning session against BWSL, Williams responded to a physical defensive front line with some toughness of his own. Williams consistently battled for position in the post but didn't force his offense, utilizing dunks and lay-ins to finish an efficient 5-for-7 from the field.

"Amir is a dog. He's not scared at all," The Family head coach Marlon Williamson said. "Being big, 6-foot-10, not scared and you have skill? That equals pro a lot of the time."

Williams finished with eight rebounds against BWSL but made an even greater impact on the glass with his frame. Williams used his wing span to eat up space and occupy potential offensive rebounders while his teammates collected loose balls.

"Amir has savvy to him. He's not a dumb kid. He's a tough kid," Williamson said. "A lot of big kids, sometimes they don't think being big is a good thing. He's one of those guys who is big. He's OK with it and he's going to be good. That's just how it is and that's a blessing for us."

Williams said the next step for him is putting more time in the weight room so that his strength better matches his attitude.

"I'm really just trying to get stronger. That's my main goal right there," Williams said. "I have the offensive game. The defense is down pat. I've just got to get stronger."

As a rising senior Williams is still early in his recruiting process and hasn't established a list yet. He has heard from 20 to 30 schools including Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Cincinnati, Purdue, Oklahoma, Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Pittsburgh, Texas, UCLA, USC and LSU but none of the schools have stood out as leaders.

North Carolina started to get involved with Williams toward the end of his high school season and the staff contacted him in June to tell him they'd evaluate him this summer.

"North Carolina is a great program," Williams said. "They had a bad season last year but North Carolina rebuilds just about every year. They have a great tradition. It's a great place to play."

While he doesn't have a timeline for his decision, Williams said he'd be open to scheduling a visit to Chapel Hill sometime in the future.

In the meantime Williams is excited to show the college coaches in attendance that he's worthy of the attention he's gotten recently.

"I just try to go out and show them what they came here for," Williams said. "They came here for a reason. They came here to recruit me."

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