NC Pro-Am: Henson Q&A

DURHAM, N.C. -- North Carolina forward John Henson spoke to reporters following his eight-point, nine-rebound performance in Team Stackhouse's 82-72 victory over Team McGladrey at the N.C. Pro-Am on Tuesday night.

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The word is that you weren't going to come tonight but you got so many calls and texts that you felt like you had to. Is that true?
"Yeah, I wasn't going to come because I hurt my finger, so it's not good for me to play out here. I wasn't going to come but I got all of these texts and emails saying, ‘Are you going to be there?' and "This is N.C. State versus UNC,' and all of this good stuff. So I had to show my face. I kind of let the young boys do the work and I sat back and watched. I was enjoying the show, too, as I was out there playing, so it was a lot of fun."

Where you surprised by the big turnout?
"I knew it was going to be a big turnout because have been asking me all day and people were asking me last week, and then they moved it to 8 p.m. I knew it was going to be a good turnout, but I didn't expect it to be this rowdy in here."

What happened to your finger?
"I broke it, actually. Sean May – we were playing pickup and he hit the ball and it hit my hand, so I'm going to be in this [splint] for probably 2-3 more weeks."

When did he break it?
"About a month ago. It's getting better, so I should be able to get out it real soon."

How much weight have you put on now?
"I've put on about 15 pounds, so I'm up to about 210. I might be 207 or 205 right now after that game."

You had a good matchup tonight with Tracy Smith --
"Yeah, we were joking around. We were telling each other that it was fun to watch the young guys go at each other because that's what we did when we were little. We were relaxing, just chill and let them go to work. We were just talking and having fun and battling every once in a while."

We know about Harrison Barnes, but Reggie Bullock had a great game tonight. Is it uncommon for him to play that well?
"No, it's not uncommon. We've got three freshmen coming in that are really good. Harrison and Reggie's games are going to thrive in situations like this where they're one-on-one players creating their own shots and I think that's what they did. It's great seeing them exceed out there. It's fun."

Did you partake in the trash talking that was going on with the N.C. State players?
"In the first quarter, we were going at each other but kind of settled down when we started playing again."

What were you saying?
"A little basketball talk. I can't tell you what we really said."

The problems this team had last year were guard play and shooting ability. Does having talented perimeters like Barnes and Bullock coming in give you some optimism for this year?
"That's the funny thing, because [Tyler Zeller] and I have to step our game up because it was flip-flopped last year. So now that we can balance ourselves out, it's going to be a great season."

Do you think you're going to play any more at the three spot this season?
"Yes. We've got a lot of guards, but Coach has told me that if it comes to that, I'll play. I can still be out there – I know the plays and can do a little bit out there. I haven't lost all of it yet."

When do you start practice for the Bahamas trip?
"Aug. 7th. We're going to fly up and spend a couple of days, three days, and then fly out the night of Aug. 9th. We'll play on the 10th [and 11th] and then on the 13th fly home."

What's your weight target heading into the season?
"I'm trying to get to 215 or 220. I'm at 210 right now, so we'll see."

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