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Carolina Football

During football journalism's black-and-white days, newspaper photographers took long-distance overhead shots of crucial plays and published several pictures in sequence. If the play involved a pass or kick, a series of dashes depicted the ball's flight. The imagination took care of the rest, creating a replay in the mind. There's little demand for the old ways today, with so many games on TV and so many camera angles, but the NCAA's summer investigation series could use some graphics.
CONNECTING DOTS: NCAA is tracking agents
The Winston-Salem Journal

If there was improper contact between North Carolina football players and agents, two former Tar Heels said they saw none of it this past season. Defensive end E.J. Wilson, who was taken by the Seattle Seahawks in the fourth round of the NFL draft in April, and defensive tackle Cam Thomas, who was a fifth-round pick by the San Diego Chargers, both said they never were offered money or benefits from agents "As far as I know, while I was there in that program, none of that was going on," Wilson said. "So all of this stuff is actually kind of a surprise to me, because while I was there, none of that stuff was going on."
Cam Thomas: 'They are already stressing'
The Durham Herald-Sun

N.C. Secretary of State Elaine Marshall launched an investigation Wednesday into sports agents' activities with college athletes after reports that NCAA violations may have occurred.
N.C. secretary of state launches probe after reports in media
The Durham Herald-Sun

In a response to a public records request, the university provided the newspaper electronic copies of e-mails between UNC staffers and NCAA officials. Most of the e-mails were addressed to Chance Miller, the NCAA's assistant director of agent, gambling and amateurism activities. Amy Herman, North Carolina's assistant athletic director for compliance, sent the NCAA a schedule for interviews to be held July 12 and 13. Miller asked Herman to have players sign interview notice forms before speaking with investigators.
N.C. Secretary of State to investigate sports agents
The News and Observer

Butch Davis will face a room full of fans today, all with similar questions on their minds: If not "What did the North Carolina football coach know and when did he know it?" then at least, "What are the implications of the NCAA's investigation for what was shaping up to be the most promising football season in Chapel Hill in a long time?" Davis isn't likely to answer any of them. If he hews to the party line, he won't even address the issue at all. But other football coaches in the same position have spoken out, and it's time for Davis to speak out as well.
It's time for Davis to end silence
The News and Observer

Carolina Basketball

Three legends of North Carolina basketball are all in accord when it comes to one thing — they wouldn't be where they are today without Dean Smith.
Dean Smith's influence off the court
The Daily Tar Heel

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