Simmons Recaps UNC Trip

Delvon Simmons hasn't made many recruiting trips, but on Friday he attended North Carolina's "Beast of the Hill" 7-on-7 passing camp as a spectator.

"I really like the school – I like it a lot," Simmons said. "One real positive thing is how everything is real close together. I don't want to go on a campus that's real spread out. I want something that's real close and easy to get to my classes.

"Everything is right there for you [at UNC]. You don't have to catch a bus after one class to get to another class. You can walk to every class."

Simmons, a 6-foot-5, 265-pound defensive tackle, made the trip with his McKeesport (Pa.) teammate Branden Jackson and assistant football coach Anthony St. Angelo. The trio arrived in North Carolina on Thursday evening and spent much of Friday morning and afternoon at UNC.

UNC defensive line coach John Blake served as the trio's personal host for much of their stay.

"It was fun," Simmons said. "We got to know him some more... He's real cool.

"He was just trying to get to know us better as people – not just as football players. He wasn't talking about football as much as other coaches. He was trying to get to know us. Football, it came up here and there."

Simmons' stay included a full campus tour which was conducted by Blake, watching several contests from the "Beast of the Hill," and a meeting with Butch Davis in his office.

"[Davis] was talking about the academics and the job rates for people who [graduated] from there," Simmons said. "Like, if you graduate from [UNC], you're set for life."

Since he spent most of his summer in summer school, Simmons has only visited two other schools – Pittsburgh and West Virginia.

"I don't have [a leader] right now, because I didn't really get a chance to see many schools," Simmons said. "After I take my official [visits], I'll break it down."

Simmons says he has already had preliminary talks with his coach about official visits. He's strongly considering scheduling official trips to Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, UNC, and Rutgers.

"[During my official visits, I'll be focused on] my relationship with the coaches [and] the players, because everybody has good facilities so I'm not going to focus on that too much," Simmons said. "The coaches and players, that's going to be my family for the next four years."

Simmons might bring "family" with him. He and Jackson, who are also close friends, have discussed attending the same college.

"I really don't know where [Jackson] stands at the moment, because he really likes a school that [hasn't offered me] yet – that's Texas Tech," Simmons said. "So that could be a major factor. But I'm supposed to get an offer from them.

"We might go to the same school. We're probably going to go on our official [visits] together and then sit down and talk about what we liked and what we didn't like."

Roughly a dozen schools have offered Simmons, including Iowa, Louisville, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, Rutgers, Syracuse, and West Virginia.

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