UNC-BA: Postgame Quotes + Audio

NASSAU, Bahamas -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes audio from head coach Roy Williams and Will Graves, who spoke to the media following UNC's exhibition victory over the Bahama All-Stars on Thursday.

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What were your impressions of the game tonight?
"It was unfortunate. Again, we spent the whole night watching them shoot free throws. I didn't feel that things were going the way that I would like for them to at any point with that part of it. But the first quarter we came out and we weren't intense at all. We weren't aggressive at all. They were much more aggressive than we were. Then I think we started playing better. The whole part of the game, though – the middle of the second quarter we started making some shots and in the third quarter we came out and we made a bunch of shots and that's when, all of a sudden, the lead expanded. We made several threes and then, all of a sudden, they started missing some shots and [had] long rebounds.

"And we went 2-3 zone. I honestly can't remember any time in my life I've ever played a 2-3 zone – just a straight 2-3 zone. We've matched up at times, but we just did that because I didn't know if we were going to have enough people to finish the game because of the foul situation. At one point tonight, they had shot 46 free throws and we had shot 22, so we just did that to have enough people to finish the game."

What do you want Kendall Marshall to get better at in coming months?
"Staying in front of the basketball. I think if he'll stay in front of the basketball, that will really help us on the defensive end of the floor."

On Reggie Bullock's role with this team:
"The 2 and the 3 for us are the same, so it's never made any difference. Wayne Ellington and Danny Green did the same thing. Danny was more inclined to go get tips and rebounds and that kind of thing, and that's a little bit like Harrison [Barnes] and Reggie [Bullock] right now. I can play both of them together and there will be a lot of times they will. Hopefully, if we've got enough big guys, they'll be on the floor together."

Were you satisfied with what you saw from your team in the Bahamas?
"We love the place. I didn't like some of the things that were going on out there on the court, but everybody's been fantastic. I love coming here and I think we helped our basketball team. The kids on the other team were great. It does some things that really help us."


Do you feel like it's your job to lead by example?
"I just feel like my responsibility is to do whatever the team needs, whether that is to get a loose ball, get a rebound, get a steal, get a defensive stop [or] get a basket. Whatever the team needs, whatever Coach needs, whatever my family needs, I'm going to be here to do it."

It seems like you've really embraced this role --
"Yeah, I just love being a part of Carolina basketball and the tradition and everything. I'm happy to be here. It's a dream come true and I just want to give it my all. I've got one year left."

What have the freshmen shown you thus far?
"Hard work and competitiveness. Because they've brought a lot of competitiveness to us and they seem focused. Everyone seems focused."

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