Fedroff Progressing

AKRON, Ohio --- Since being drafted in the seventh round of the 2008 MLB Draft by the Cleveland Indians, former North Carolina Tar Heel Tim Fedroff has made progress through the organization, this season landing at Double-A Akron, where he is hitting .278 in 102 games.

The 5-foot-11, 220-pound outfielder began his professional career in short-season Class-A Mahoning Valley in 2008, where he hit .319 in 23 games. This was after he played his sophomore season at North Carolina and hit .404 in 67 games.

Fedroff progressed to Advanced Class-A Kinston in 2009, where he spent the entire season, hitting .278 in 99 games.

For some players, going from one level to the next every season may seem like slow progress, but it is exactly what Fedroff expected.

"I kind of knew it was going to go step-by-step when I was drafted," Fedroff said. "I was obviously excited to be working and chasing the dream."

Going station to station has given the 22-year-old a chance to work on his game and improve so that when he does get the chance to move up another level he will be prepared. "I feel like I have really worked on some things and it's coming along," Fedroff said. "I have had some highs and some lows this year and I am just trying to stay more consistent and hopefully within the next year and a half, some good things can happen and I can move up the ranks."

While hitters have to adjust from playing in college with a metal bat to the professional game where they use a wooden bat, Fedroff thinks the one thing that took more adjustment was getting used to the professional schedule.

"The schedule is just a whole lot different," Fedroff said. "We get maybe three off days in one month where in college we would get like two off days a week so your body can kind of recharge a little easier. In the pro game it is just every single day and you have to figure a way out how to manage your body and still be able to play your best every day."

Some players look at the grind of playing every day as a negative, but Fedroff sees the positive in lacing up the cleats on a daily basis.

"When you are playing well, you want to be playing every single day and you don't want to have an off day," Fedroff said. "If you are not doing well you almost want to be playing every day also to try and turn it around that very next day so it works both ways." Lately, the Indians have been an organization that's stocked with so many players who are either outfielders by trade or players that the organization has tried to convert to outfielders -- it can be a logjam when trying to move through the ranks.

The competition for these spots is nothing new for Fedroff, however, as playing at North Carolina taught him the work ethic that he has brought to the field every day.

"Carolina was a very competitive program," Fedroff said. "You really had to work as hard as you can because you wanted to play the best and contribute to the team the best you can and I really took that over to the professional game because it is very similar."

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