NCAA PC Quotables (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina chancellor Holden Thorp, athletic director Dick Baddour and head coach Butch Davis talked to reporters at Thursday's NCAA press conference at Kenan Stadium ...

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"To everyone who loves this university, I'm sorry about what I have to tell you. During the course of the joint investigation by the NCAA and the university into possible agent violations, we learned of a situation that includes possible academic misconduct involving a former undergraduate tutor and student athletes on the football team. The NCAA has allowed us to acknowledge this aspect of the investigation. Academic achievement and fairness are at the heart of the University of North Carolina and our Department of Athletics. We are treating this issue with the seriousness that you would expect from this university. We will straighten this out. We are still gathering information, but our hope is that the scope of this is limited. But the bottom line is this – it's a privilege to put on the North Carolina uniform and represent this university, and it's our job to make sure that the people who do so have earned that privilege."

"I know that Dick Baddour and Coach Davis feel as strongly about this as I do. And I have every confidence in their ability to lead our program through this. We will find out what happened. We will do everything we can to keep it from happening again. And we will not let these mistakes define our university and what we stand for. We will use this to be a better university, a better athletic department and a better football program in the years to come."


"We don't yet know the extent of the issue."

"Our process is very detailed and methodical. Professor Jack Evans and professor Lissa Broome, former and current faculty athletic representatives are leading the review from the university's side. John Blanchard, senior associate A.D. for student affairs, Lance Marcos, from our compliance staff, as well as representatives from the university's legal counsel are part of the team that we have looking into this. They have conducted interviews with a number of student-athletes. As much as we would like to finalize the matter before the first game, there is no definite timetable. It is likely the review will extend beyond the start of the season. If that is the case, the university will decide whether or not to play individual student-athletes. We will make these decisions in the best interest of the University of North Carolina."

"The investigation now has two prongs, so I want to caution you against making assumptions if student-athletes don't play."

"Academic integrity is at the heart of what the University of North Carolina and the Department of Athletics are all about. There is no greater matter at stake and we resolve to find any misconduct and to deal with it seriously through whatever measures are deemed appropriate both by the university and the NCAA."

"I believe in the leadership of this football program. When we hired Butch Davis, we believed he was the right fit for the University of North Carolina, and I continue to believe that. He has my support."

"The person was in (the university's) employ. When we found out about the issues, the tutor was not in our employ."


"Nothing is more important than the character, the integrity and the reputation of this university and this football program. As I've told Chancellor Thorp and Dick Baddour, they've got our total cooperation in trying to help with the NCAA review."

"I'm also committed to this football team and to our players. Our coaching staff has an obligation to every player on this team, regardless of the players involved or not involved, to give them our full and total devotion to prepare them for this football season. To get them to play and to be prepared and to be focused for the first game as well as the remaining games. That has to be my commitment as the head football coach."

"This is someone that obviously worked with our son. To be honest with you, I think we're really surprised and possibly disappointed, but there's been no revelation as to exactly the extent or what has actually transpired."

"Before the start of training camp, because of the speculation on some of these issues, I made the statement at press conferences that there would come a point in time in preparation for this first game that we would have to prepare with the players we assumed fully would be able to compete and play in this game, and that's what we've done. We started that process on Monday."

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