Q&A with Bruce Carter

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Senior linebacker Bruce Carter talked to the media before practice on Tuesday ...

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Can you take us through what happened on Friday?

Me and Quan were going through the process with compliance and clearing everything up. We talked to them all day and they finally gave us a decision at about 7:30. Then we flew down to Atlanta and made it to the team. ... I was excited, my whole family was excited. They had to make some arrangements to get down there, but we were all excited.

Marvin Austin and some of the other players who couldn't play made the trip. What was your reaction to that?

They came to support the team. I think that was a great decision by them to show their unselfishness and support the team no matter if they were going to play or not.

Do you think the bye week coming now will be a help?

Yeah, it gives us an opportunity to get some guys back, hopefully, and with Georgia Tech you need at least two weeks just to prepare for their offense. I think a bye week now is a great thing ...

Do you approach the games now as preparing to play without some of your teammates or do you expect them to return?

I always have hope for them, but regardless of whether they play or not, we've got to play with the guys we do have. No one's going to cancel any games.

What was your reaction when you heard Coach Blake had resigned?

I was shocked. I didn't know anything about it until we had a team meeting and Coach told the team. Coach Blake is a great coach and we still love him regardless of his decision and we wish the best for him.

Coach Davis said there are no moral victories, but did the performance of the younger players give you more confidence moving forward?

The young guys stepped up a lot. They've got a lot of heart. I was little surprised for them to keep fighting and not look at the scoreboard. That's just a sign of us having depth on our team and when we do get those guys back we'll have more depth with those young guys.

What did you think of T.J. Yates's performance on Saturday?

T.J. had a hell of a game. He performed to the best that he could and gave our team a great chance at winning. I thought he did a great job. ... He's been doing that all of training camp. That [competition with Bryn Renner] boosted his game a lot. ... I believe that guys have always believed in what T.J. could do, it was just a matter of just doing it. We knew he could do it.

Knowing what we know now, that you were ultimately cleared to play, was it surprising to you that you weren't allowed to travel with the team on Friday?

That's really out of my hands - that's all with compliance the University. You've just got to roll with the punches. Our team is trying to weather the storm right now and I think we're doing a pretty good job of it.

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