NDSU Recruits react to SportsCenter in Fargo

NDSU Recruits react to SportsCenter being broadcast at the Fargodome this Saturday before the Bison's homecoming game against UNI.

QB Henry Van Dellen: "It shows how legit NDSU is, that's for sure. I don't know if I'll be there yet as it's my own homecoming week."

RB Bryce Torneden: "I'm actually talking to the other NDSU commits about it right now and I think it's awesome exposure for the program."

WR Sean Engel: "It's very cool to see them on national television like that and I can't wait to watch it from home!"

LB Ross Kennelly: "I think it's awesome and well deserved. NDSU plays big time football and I hope to see College Gameday there next. I can't wait to be at the game this Saturday!"

OLB/Safety Moses Nyangacha: "I need to be there. It's great that ESPN continuously gives the Bison the coverage they deserve for all they've accomplished. I'm trying to get up there this weekend!

OL Ben Hecht: "I think it's awesome and I'll be at the game this weekend!"

TE Gabe Lloyd: I think it's pretty cool obviously. It's great for the University and a program as a whole. Ever since they got College Gameday there, people have taken more notice on the program's success and Fargo as a city as well."

TE Shaun Beyer: "It's so cool and I cant wait to be apart of it this weekend! Should be pretty cool!"

OL Dillon Radunz: "That's awesome and I can't wait to be there!"

OL Cordell Volson: "I think it's great! It's really cool to see them having big time televised events! I'll be there this weekend!"

DE Braydon Lund: "I think it's awesome and it shows how great of a school NDSU is. It's clear how much attention their success is getting."

OL Karson Schoening: "I think it's awesome and it's a great opportunity for NDSU. I'm going to be at the game this weekend."

DL Dante Cleveland: "I think that's a beautiful thing and I'll be watching the game." 

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