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NDSU on Scout takes a look at the Bison's latest victory over SIU, using GIF's.

NDSU on Scout reviews the Bison's latest victory by looking at the key plays through GIF's.

Stick starts things off with his wheels

Beautiful read on the read option by the freshman quarterback in Easton Stick and he picks up a key block from running back Chase Morlock to get him one on one versus the Saluki safety. Stick plants that left foot in the ground and is off to the races for sixty yard gallop. Giving the Bison first and goal early in the first quarter. 

Creighton Prep connection: Part one

Stick to Urzendowski isn't new and it's something I think Bison fans will become more and more accustomed to as the season (s) go on. Stick gets the corner to bite on the read option leaving RJ wide open in the left half of the endzone. A nice little pitch pass forward gets the Bison on the board and on top, 7-3 in the first quarter.

Frazier has a dominating day on the ground

The Bison absolutely ate on the ground this past week as they had 48 carries for 397 yards (8.3 YPC) and three rushing touchdowns and King Frazier played a huge part in that. Frazier had 16 carries for 177 yards (11.1 YPC), including this 41 yard run. The NDSU running back benefits from a great kick out block from the fullback and both the left tackle and guard seal off the edge opening a huge hole for Frazier to run through. 

Dunn joins in next play

With King Frazier needing a quick break after his long run, redshirt freshman running back Lance Dunn joins in the action next play breaking off a 20 yard run behind some more stellar blocking from the NDSU offensive line. FB Cyr nullifies the blitzing SIU DB springing Dunn untouched to turn the corner. 

Morlock puts the Bison back on top

Theme of the afternoon was this Bison offensive line dominating in the trenches and Chase Morlock benefited from that on this touchdown run in the second quarter. Both the tight end and left tackle open a huge hole for Morlock to run through for the touchdown. 

CJ Smith does it again

Probably the easiest interception CJ Smith will have in his career here. SIU QB Mark Iannotti just airmails the throw to his wide receiver on the outside into the waiting hands of Smith for the interception. 

Creighton Prep connection: Part two

Nothing like stroking the post as the two high school teammates connect for the second time on the day for the Bison score. 

King finds his place on the throne

With the first play from scrimmage for the Bison in the fourth quarter, King Frazier decides to break the game wide open on this 50 yard touchdown run. Frazier isn't even touched for the 50 yards as the Bison offensive line just cleans up the Saluki front seven. 

King does it again

The theme of the day remains the same for the Bison as Frazier is again untouched for another 50+ yard gain. Beautiful blocking all around. 

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