Centennial defensive end Luke Chuol got his first offer from NDSU on Friday

Centennial defensive end Luke Chuol received his first offer from NDSU on Friday and spoke with the BisonReport about his new division one offer.


"Yesterday, I had a chance to check out all of the football facilities, tour the lecture halls, walk into the Fargodome, eat lunch with some of the players and sat down and had lunch with the coaches," Centennial defensive lineman Luke Chuol said to the BisonReport. "It was a fun, family type of atmosphere while on the visit."

Chuol enjoyed his time talking with the Bison coaches. 

"I talked a lot with Coach Entz, Cain and Klieman while I was there," Chuol explained to the BisonReport. "They all explained to me what a lot of the life there at NDSU. Coach Cain told me he would like to see me play defensive end or defensive tackle there and that they're excited to see me live in camp this summer. Coach Entz was the first person to reach out to me and I met him a few months ago at school when I briefly bumped into him in the hall. I spent a lot of time with him yesterday. His message to me was that they're interested in me and wanted to get to know me better as an athlete and as a student as well as a person."

NDSU's head coach is the one that actually extended the Bison offer. 

"Coach Klieman was the one that offered me and he was extremely easy to talk to as I felt like I'd known these coaches for years," Chuol said. "He told me that he loves the way I play and that I can be a great addition to their team. He told my dad that I would be in great hands if I chose to come to NDSU as I would secure myself a great education and a great football experience. It was exciting, relieving and I felt like I got a weight lifted off my shoulders with my first offer. I'm so happy that NDSU was my first offer. In our school's history, I'm the second player to get an offer from NDSU and they have a rich tradition of winning and turning players into successful people after football and in the pro's as well."

The Bison now sit atop the Minnesota defensive lineman's list. 

"NDSU is number one on my list," Chuol told the BisonReport. "They've been the school I've been most interested in because it's been them and Western Michigan who have been looking at me and contacting me the most. NDSU was genuinely interested in me from the beginning. I'm going to visit UNI soon as we have a player from our school committed there, but I'm trying to visit Western Michigan, Northern Illinois, Iowa State, South Dakota, SDSU and North Dakota soon as well."

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