Farmington DE Tanner Sundt had a great visit to North Dakota State

Farmington DE Tanner Sundt had a great visit to North Dakota State and he talks about it with the BisonReport.

"The NDSU visit was good! I had a great time there," Farmington (Minn.) defensive end Tanner Sundt said to the BisonReport. "Me and Coach Entz talked the most and he said my strength that stood out to him was my explosive play style and the energy I have on the field. Previously, I had talked on Coach Cain (DE coach) and got to know him better and I had also talked on the phone with Coach Entz before the visit. Entz was telling me that he wants me to come to their camp and they want to know how I work with the coaches before they offer. Me and Coach Cain didn't really have a lot of time to talk because of their spring break and everyone was ready to leave, but we just talked about how their defensive line feeds off of pass rushing and how he liked the way I play."

Sundt was also a fan of the campus and facilities.

"I thought the campus was cool," Sundt explained. "You can tell they have a lot of school spirit and they say they are making improvements to locker rooms, which looked sweet! The facilities were all nice. The field is great and would be a sweet atmosphere to play in. You can tell it's a football school at NDSU."

An NDSU offer would mean a lot to the Farmington standout.

"I think it'd be a huge deal," Sundt told the BisonReport. "Their football team is great and I like the mindset their defense has. It's a great school and a honor to get an offer from! I'm thinking of camping there this summer. The schools that offer me though, I will be attending their camps first to see how i like the coaches, then with any time I have left, I will fill in other schools that i am interested in! I'm looking at camping at schools such as NDSU, North Dakota, Northern Iowa, Minnesota, and hopefully South Dakota and Wyoming if I get invited. I am leaning towards making my decision before my senior season!"

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