Wisconsin defensive end T.J. Garrity wants to earn an offer from the Bison

Wisconsin defensive end T.J. Garrity wants to earn an offer from the Bison and he spoke with the BisonReport about his recent NDSU visit.


I got a chance to tour the campus and facilities, as well as talk to a lot of coaches and meet a lot of great people," Wisconsin defensive end T.J. Garrity said to the BisonReport. "They took the recruits on more of a "student" tour where they showed us the dorms and the life as a student in Fargo which was very nice and unique from all of my other visits. I loved the campus. Everything is within walking distance and it's very convenient. I didn't get a chance to see downtown Fargo, but I've seen pictures and it's a beautiful place. The facilities were great. The FargoDome was amazing as well as the locker room and team room. They're renovating the weight room as well and some other areas that we couldn't see, but I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product."

Garrity enjoyed his time with the NDSU coaching staff as well.

"I spoke with Coach Polasek and Coach Goeser as Polasek is my area recruiter and Goeser is the defensive line coach," Garrity explained to the BisonReport. "Polasek told me I was really high on their boards and he liked what he saw on my film. He also said he'd stop by my school and watch me workout this spring. We're going to be staying in close contact over the next few months by talking on the phone once a week. Coach Goeser talked to Hawk Wimmer and I and said that we'd both be competing for an offer this summer at camp, so that's something I'm very excited about. Coach Goeser mentioned the same thing that Coach Polasek did that I was high on their boards. He also mentioned that they liked my versatility and agility as a big man off the line, and that I could possibly play multiple positions due to that versatility."

The Waukesha defensive lineman would love the chance to grab an NDSU offer. 

"A North Dakota State offer would mean a lot. I remember back in 7th grade I first heard of NDSU's success and ever since then I've been a big fan. Playing for such an amazing team like NDSU would be an amazing opportunity for me, and the possibility of winning four national titles in my career is something you can't find anywhere else in the nation. I'll be coming back to camp with the Bison this summer. As far as other visits, I'll be visiting Northern Illinois today, Iowa State tomorrow, Central and Western Michigan on April 9th and Iowa on April 16th."

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