Nebraska offensive lineman Collin Brown takes in a Bison football practice

Nebraska offensive lineman Collin Brown took in a Bison football practice last week and he spoke with the BisonReport about his NDSU visit.

"I was able to watch a Bison practice, take a tour of campus, ate lunch with the coaching staff, toured football facilities, then had a meeting with Coach Riley before I took off," Nebraska offensive lineman Collin Brown explained to the BisonReport. "The practice was intense, structured, the players are disciplined and know exactly what the coaches want. It was impressive!"

Brown also enjoyed the facilities and campus in Fargo. 

"I didn't get to see the new training facilities that are under construction, but the Fargodome is amazing (even if it was set up for a rodeo that day)," Brown told the BisonReport. "I toured the locker room, team room, lounge, and champions room. I also saw the coaches offices and trophy room. The Bison tradition is second to none. The campus in Fargo is very nice too.The new buildings are impressive and everything seemed very student focused and welcoming."

The Nebraska offensive lineman had some good chats with the Bison coaching staff. 

"I ate lunch with Coach Riley and Coach Klieman of course, then I spoke with Coach Jacobs throughout the entire day, and then ended the day talking with Coach Riley privately," Brown said to the BisonReport. "Coach Klieman talked to me about how much the team is involved with the community and how great the Fargo community and NDSU fans are. Plus, how important it is that the NDSU football team gives back to the community. Coach Jacobs organized my visit so I talked to him more about every day "happenings." My dad is from North Dakota so we also talked to Coach Jacobs about the area. Coach Riley talked about the importance of going to camp, his expectations of an offensive lineman, ehat I need to "bring to the table" at camp and how hard and demanding camp is. I appreciated his honesty and integrity. I probably won't be getting an offer until after camp. He wants to see the offensive lineman at camp and how they perform to determine which they'll offer."

North Dakota State is sitting in a good place for Brown following this most recent visit. 

"Right now, NDSU is one of my top choices and an offer would be amazing. It is a great program with a great fan base. It would not only be amazing to me, but to my family. My father's family is from North Dakota and are HUGE Bison fans. I will be back up there for camp in June and a game day visit. As far as other schools showing interest, I just visited Wyoming. I was invited to Junior Days at Northern Colorado, Cornell, and Montana. I have also visited UNI, UNL, SDSU, University of South Dakota, Kansas University and Rutgers."

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