2017 Illinois quarterback Jake Vincent visits North Dakota State

2017 Illinois quarterback Jake Vincent visited North Dakota State recently and came away impressed by what the Bison have to offer. He spoke with the BisonReport about his latest visit.


"On my NDSU visit, I had a chance to see some of the great facilities," Illinois quarterback Jake Vincent said to the BisonReport. "I also got to meet one on one with many of the great coaches there and see a very high energy and fast moving practice. I thought the practice had a awesome atmosphere, it was very intense and fast paced. I loved the practice."

Vincent is a fan of the campus and facilities in Fargo. 

"Overall, it's a beautiful campus. It was my first time down in Fargo and overall I thought everything was awesome," Vincent explained. "I thought their facilities were very nice. I didn't get to see the full weight room and things like that because of them being currently built, but I loved the Fargodome."

The NDSU coaches also had their chance to chat with the Illinois quarterback. 

"I talked the most with Coach Polasek, Hedberg and also Klanderman while on my visit," Vincent told the BisonReport. "At first with Coach Polasek, we were just talking friendly. Getting to know each other, but after that he had me getting to know the playbook and had me saying the plays back to him. He said I did a good job and liked my game. I got to sit in on a position meeting with Coach Hedberg and we talked friendly at first, but he also said he liked my game and would encourage me to come to camp this summer. Klanderman is my area recruiter so we just talked about the different ways he could watch me throw. He is the one that invited me out to NDSU, so I really appreciated the invite from him. They said they wanted to see me throw in person either come to my school or have me there at there camp before an offer would come. I would love an offer from NDSU."

A Bison offer would go a long way for Vincent. 

"It would honestly mean a ton to me," Vincent said about a potential Bison offer. "NDSU is a great school and an offer from them would mean a lot. I'm very interested in NDSU and yes, I am thinking of coming to camp. They've really caught my attention because of the coaches, the players and the atmosphere. There is great tradition and brotherhood at NDSU. I just visited Western Illinois recently as well, but other than that, I don't have any other visits pin downed quite yet."

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