Nebraska linebacker Noah Urbanek received his fifth offer from North Dakota State following a visit last Friday

Nebraska linebacker Noah Urbanek received his fifth offer from North Dakota State following a visit last Friday and he spoke with the BisonReport about his new offer / visit.

"We toured all of the facilities, got a chance to checkout campus and then we talked with the NDSU coaches," Nebraska linebacker Noah Urbanek said to the BisonReport. "I really liked the campus as it was really nice compared to the other places I've been. The facilities were nice and it was cool to finally be able to see the Fargodome in person. My dad came with on the visit last week as well and he liked it up there."

Urbanek spent a lot of time with the NDSU coaches. 

"I spoke a lot with coach Riley and coach Klieman mainly," Urbanek explained to the BisonReport. "I talked with coach Entz pretty early, but he had to leave, so I didn't get a long time to visit with him, but I really liked the coaching staff overall. Riley said that by me coming up, they knew I was interested, and they talked with my coach back home and did their research on me and they really like me. They see me playing as either a Sam or Will linebacker for them. Entz told me he really liked my film and would see me playing as a Will linebacker and being able to play in space sometimes. Klieman said he really likes me because of how versatile I am and he would like to see me playing Will or Sam. I really liked him, he seems like a good guy and I really like the program's philosophies on competing and winning. He's the one who offered me too and said that they wanted to offer me a full-ride. I really like the offer as I have a ton of respect for the program and I think the success will continue there."

North Dakota State is sitting in a good place with more visits to come for the Nebraska linebacker. 

"My interest level in NDSU is very high following the visit and offer," Urbanek told the BisonReport. "I really liked the coaching staff and loved the feel of the program. My dad thought it was a great program and thinks it would be a great fit for me. I haven't visited everywhere yet, so I'm not ready to rank my top schools yet, but they are towards the top for sure. The feel I got from the coaching staff and being around the program, and definitely how much success they've had has me interested. I just visited Wyoming and I'll be visiting Iowa on the 23rd."

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