2017 Iowa running back Hayden Clausen says an NDSU offer would mean the world to him

2017 Iowa running back Hayden Clausen says an NDSU offer would mean the world to him. He talks about the Bison visit and recruiting with the BisonReport.


"We started the day watching practice at 7 am," Iowa running back Hayden Clausen said to the BisonReport. "The amount of reps they give everyone is amazing. Everyone is always moving and there is always contact! Then we got to meet some of the coaches and talk to them during the campus/facilities tour and at lunch. The coaching staff is some of the best and they are very family oriented! And then they ended it with a very well done highlight video!"

Clausen loved the intensity of the Bison's practice. 

"They scrimmaged very hard and seemed like the coaching staff and the players were all working towards the same goal. I was tempted to jump in there and do some reps myself," Clausen explained to the BisonReport. "Campus was more than I expected! There were a lot of places to hang out and private study areas. Class sizes are smaller which is good, and the best places on campus were definitely the food facilities. They have a very cool locker room and the weight rooms are being remodeled and by what they showed us for the layout, it will be really cool. By far the best part was the Fargodome, even though there is a circus on the field right now, you can just tell that's where championships are made."

The Iowa running back spoke with a lot of different NDSU coaches while on the visit. 

"I spoke most with Tyler Roehl, Chris Klieman, Matt Entz, Tim Polasek, and Joe Klanderman," Clausen said. "Roehl just talked about me getting up there for camp and us setting a time for him to come down to the high school. Klieman is a great coach. We talked about my high-school coaches and how they were doing and talking about my film. Entz had to take off for his flight to speak at Notre Dame, so he mentioned it was nice to have a guy from Blackhawk county up to NDSU ,which is where he went to high-school along with coach Klieman. And also how he wanted me to do some defense at their summer camp as well as offense. An NDSU offer would mean the world to me. It is definitely my number one school at this point based on what I've experienced while on the visit. The coaches were extremely invested in their players and want to see success in them in the class room and on the football field."

Clausen is also hearing from more schools outside of North Dakota State. 

"I've heard from Iowa, South Dakota State, and South Dakota too. They've been talking about Junior Day stuff and invites to camp. The only camp I have scheduled right now is NDSU. I have others pending, but not scheduled yet. NDSU set a very high bar."

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