Coach Speak: Bison DT commit Lane Tucker

The BisonReport talks with Gilette (Wyo.) head coach Vic Wilkerson about new North Dakota State DT commit Lane Tucker and what Bison fans can expect from Tucker.

Q: What can you tell me about Lane as a player and as a person off the field?

VW: Lane is a great athlete and a great person. He plays hard, is a good leader, and tremendous athletic talent for a big man.

Q: How involved were you in the recruiting process with him and what'd you think of the Bison coaches?

VW: I answers any questions and took any calls from Coaches who wanted information about Lane. I never spoke with any of the Bison coaches so I can't give any opinion on their staff.

Q: What are his strengths as a player that will allow him to excel at the next level and what are something's he needs to work on?

VW: He plays sideline to sideline and has good quickness for his size. He has played mostly DE in our scheme so he will have to work on defeating double teams as a DT.

Q: How is his work ethic and what's his role on the team heading into his senior season?

VW: Lane has great work ethic. Lane was a team captain as a junior. He has started at left tackle offensively for the past two seasons. He started at DE last season. We look for him to continue to excel at these roles and anchor both the O and D lines.

Q: What do you think NDSU fans can expect to see out of Lane these next four-five years as a defensive tackle?

VW: Bison fans will see a young man who is a team player, who leaves it all on the field, and who is as quality of a person off the field as he is a competitor on the field.

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