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Coach Speak: Bison TE commit Noah Gindorff

The BisonReport talks with Crosby (Minn.) Ironton head coach Mike Gindorff about new North Dakota State TE commit Noah Gindorff and what Bison fans can expect from Gindorff.


Q: What can you tell me about Noah as a player and as a person off the field?

NG: Noah is a well rounded, humble, intelligent person and player.  He is a good leader, not very vocal and leads by example. When he does say something, his team mates listen. He is a hard worker and like another coach on the field.  Very level headed.  He is a multi-sport athlete (football, baseball and basketball), active in his church youth group, honor roll student, math team, robotics team, and knowledge bowl.  Hobbies include hunting and fishing.  

Q: How involved were you in the recruiting process with him and what'd you think of the Bison coaches?

NG: I was involved in the recruiting process like any other head coach. I spent a lot of time talking to coaches and sending film around. I also was there to help him manage the communications with the different coaches and colleges. I really liked the Bison coaches as their success speaks for itself.  They treated Noah and our family very well. We've been to a few practices and I was impressed by how they didn't waste any time or reps and the energy of the practice was awesome.  

Q: What are his strengths as a player that will allow him to excel at the next level and what are something's he needs to work on?

NG: Noah's strength are his athleticism, intelligence and work ethic.  He lifts and works hard at becoming a better athlete. He understands the game of football well.  He is aggressive, explosive and very competitive.  He will need to work on his strength.  He is still growing so strength and weigh are tougher to improve right now, but he is making strides. He also needs to continue to learn to play TE. Being a basketball player, he has excellent hands but needs to refine his route running and blocking.


Q: How is his work ethic and what's his role on the team heading into his senior season?

NG: Works really hard at being a better athlete.  He has taken to paying more attention to his diet and it has paid dividends already.  He was 216 lbs at the end of basketball season and weighs 235 lbs right now. He has also been willing to go and learn from coaches, like Bill Welle, and done some extra work with an offensive line coach. For our team, he will be a team captain, starting QB and DE/OLB.  He is expected to be one of our big play makers on both sides of the ball.

Q: What do you think NDSU fans can expect to see out of Noah these next four-five years as a tight end?

NG: NDSU will see a young man that will be an excellent student, represent NDSU well and work his tail off.  He is very coachable and will really develop athletically.  It will be fun to see how big and strong he gets.  

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