NDSU quarterback commit Holden Hotchkiss enjoys his Bison official visit

NDSU quarterback commit Holden Hotchkiss enjoyed his Bison official visit, and he detailed the visit with the BisonReport.


"We toured the school, the town, watched the game, talked to the North Dakota State Bison coaches and got to enjoy the experience with my family," NDSU quarterback commit Holden Hotchkiss said to the BisonReport. "I loved spending time on campus and in the town of Fargo, and you're just so welcomed there. I really enjoyed the game as I loved the intensity and the feel of the game within the Fargodome as well."


"My player host for the visit was Braydon Lund, and he's the coolest dude I've ever met. He's a great guy," Hotchkiss explained to Scout.com. "His message to me what just to stay focused on what you're there for, and that's football and school. I talked a lot with coach Hedberg and Austin when I was there, and Hedberg told me he's ready for me to get up there and start competing this summer. Austin basically said the same thing as they all want me there and can't wait for me to officially get there. I'd say my favorite part of the visit was just being around the people of Fargo, and they're so nice and respectful."

Hotchkiss wants NDSU fans to know he can't wait to be a Bison. 

"I'm not going anywhere except North Dakota State. I can't wait to get up there and show everyone what I have. Y'all will get the best out of me in Fargo."

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