Minnesota defensive end Tanner Sundt could be an early contributor at North Dakota State

Minnesota defensive end Tanner Sundt could be an early contributor at North Dakota State, and he spoke about it with the BisonReport.


"I had a chance to do basically everything while this weekend at NDSU," Minnesota defensive end Tanner Sundt said to the BisonReport. "We went in the stadium and toured the new weight room. I had a chance to meet a ton of the players also. Cole Karcz was my host and he's a cool dude! He brought me around the town to meet a good chunk of the players, and that was my main goal of the weekend. Get to know them better. Karcz's message to me was that the team is like a family. That everyone's got your back no matter what role you play."


"I'd say the two coaches I spoke with most were coach Entz and coach Klieman," Sundt explained to the BisonReport. "Entz and I had mostly just small talk, and he just reassured me that they will be finding the right fit at the DE coaching position. Klieman said the same things, and then we went over my scholarship and things like that, basically finalizing everything before signing day comes up. He said it's still a full-ride like we had discussed and walked me through what will happen on signing day with the whole press conference and dinner that night. He mentioned how they are looking at me for defensive end, and said there's a chance one of us DE's in the 2017 class won't redshirt this upcoming year, so start getting physically prepared."

Getting more acclimated with his future teammates was a highlight for Sundt. 

"I'd say my favorite part of the visit was getting to meet all of the players, as I make a lot of connections in just one weekend, and I can't wait for more. I can't wait to be a Bison!"

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