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Bison quarterback signee Carson Yaggie can't wait to start his own legacy at North Dakota State

Breckenridge (Minn.) quarterback and new NDSU signee Carson Yaggie is the latest Bison to sign in the 2017 class and he went in-depth with the to share more about his reasons to sign with North Dakota State. What is your current height and weight? What weight would the NDSU staff like you to report at this summer?

Carson Yaggie: I'm 6'2 190 lbs, and I'm not too sure I guess we haven't talked in too in depth about. What are your individual and team goals you hope to accomplish during your college career?

CY: I'm just looking to come in and be the best player I can be in truly whatever position they ask of me to help better the team. For team goals I think that is the same for every recruit coming in and that's carry on the tradition and continue the Bison legacy. What are you looking to work on the most this spring to prepare yourself for Missouri Valley football?

CY: What I'm looking to work on the most is just my overall strength and quickness of my game. What future moment are you looking forward to the most as a Bison?

CY: I just can't wait to get started and be a part of the team and just be with all of my future teammates. What was the main reason you chose to attend North Dakota State University?

CY: The main reason I chose NDSU is because of the strong willing tradition and how they always get the very best out of every single player and develop their players into strong willed young men. What team do you want to beat the most as a Bison and why?

CY: The team I want to beat the most would have to SDSU as I've been going to games since I was a 5 year old kid and I could always recall the rivalry of and energy those games had. They meant more to the players than just a win or a loss. Is there any unfinished academic business or are you all set to enroll at NDSU?

CY: I have all my academic business finished and I am ready to enroll into NDSU. If you don't make it to the NFL, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

CY: I am expecting myself to return to the farm after my stint at NDSU and continue the family farm with my brother Connor who is currently enrolled at NDSU as well. What is it about Coach Klieman and the coaching staff that makes you want to play for them?

CY: The one thing that really stuck out to me about the coaching staff is how they don't allow a sub par effort with anything. They truly do push you to be the best person and athlete you could possibly be. What is something you learned about North Dakota State University that surprised you during the recruiting process?

CY: One thing that really popped out to me is their commitment to the academic side of student athlete as they don't let you fail on the field or the classroom. What position do you expect to play at NDSU? What other position did the Bison staff mention as a possibility?

CY: On my position is undisclosed as of right now as I am currently listed as an athlete. What have the coaches told you regarding how they plan to utilize your strengths as a player?

CY: They'll put me in the weight room and see how I develop. Have you had any communication with other NDSU recruits and if so what?

CY: I have been talking to the other NDSU recruits as we all have a big group that we can talk in and communicate. After I've talked to some of the recruits, it just made me more excited about the time at NDSU. What player do you model your game after and why?

CY: When I was in high school I tried to model my game after Peyton Manning as he always knew what was going to happen before everything happened. Just the way he always had control of the game.

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