NDSU defensive tackle signee Lane Tucker loves the people in Fargo

Gillette (Wyoming) defensive tackle and new NDSU signee Lane Tucker is the latest Bison to sign in the 2017 class and he went in-depth with the BisonReport.com to share more about his reasons to sign with North Dakota State.


BisonReport.com: What is your current height and weight? What weight would the NDSU staff like you to report at this summer?

Lane Tucker: Height: 6-4 Weight: 255, and they haven't said I need to be a certain weight when I come in the summer. Most likely I'll redshirt so they want to put the weight on me the right way. I'd like to be around 265 when I report.

BisonReport.com: What are your individual and team goals you hope to accomplish during your college career?

LT: I've never really been big on individual awards. I would just like to be known as someone that will do anything for his team and will compete to the best of my abilities 100% of the time. As a team I hope we continue the prestigious tradition at NDSU. 5 more rings would be the ultimate goal.

BisonReport.com: What are you looking to work on the most this spring to prepare yourself for Missouri Valley football?

LT: This spring I'll be working on transitioning from a DE to a DT. The technique and alignments are different and I want to start perfecting those areas of the game from that position. The MVFC in my opinion is the best conference in the FCS. I need to perfect the small things if I want to be successful.

BisonReport.com What future moment are you looking forward to the most as a Bison?

LT: Holding up the National Championship trophy in Frisco

BisonReport.com: What was the main reason you chose to attend North Dakota State University?

LT: The people in Fargo are phenomenal. The coaches, the players, and the people in the community are some of the best people I've ever met. They made me feel at home up there and that's what I was really looking for in a college. Another factor was the ever present pride and prestige of the program.

BisonReport.com: What team do you want to beat the most as a Bison and why?

LT: SDSU, I know it's an intense rivalry and I can't wait to be a part of it.

BisonReport.com: Is there any unfinished academic business or are you all set to enroll at NDSU?

LT: I've already been accepted into NDSU and I will enter the fall semester with about 20 credits out of the way.


BisonReport.com: If you don't make it to the NFL, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

LT: I hope to get a doctorate in physical therapy. From there I hope to start a PT business with my sister.

BisonReport.com: What is it about Coach Klieman and the coaching staff that makes you want to play for them?

LT:  Like I said earlier they are all great people. I feel like they sincerely care about me as a person and a football player. Under this coaching staff I feel like I'll become the best version of me possible.

BisonReport.com: What is something you learned about North Dakota State University that surprised you during the recruiting process?

LT: How loyal the fan base is. They would travel 1,000+ miles every year to Frisco in massive amounts of numbers. It's really impressive.

BisonReport.com: What position do you expect to play at NDSU? What other position did the Bison staff mention as a possibility?

LT: I'll play a 3 tech DT. 

BisonReport.com: What have the coaches told you regarding how they plan to utilize your strengths as a player?

LT: They really want to utilize my athleticism from the three technique. Hopefully in the first few years I'm there I'll be able to perfect my pass rushing skills and make an early impact in pass rushing situations.

BisonReport.com: Have you had any communication with other NDSU recruits and if so what?

LT: Yeah we all got a group chat on Twitter and Snapchat. I've also met a few of them on visits. 

BisonReport.com: What player do you model your game after and why?

LT: I wouldn't say I necessarily model my game after on particular player. However, JJ Watt is my idol. The guy has an incredible motor and maybe one day my style of play will reflect his.

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