NDSU wide receiver signee Andy Voyen is willing to do anything and everything to help out the Bison during his career

Mahtomedi (Minn.) wide receiver and new NDSU signee Brant Bohmert is the latest Bison to sign in the 2017 class and he went in-depth with the BisonReport.com to share more about his reasons to sign with North Dakota State.


BisonReport.com: What is your current height and weight? What weight would the NDSU staff like you to report at this summer?

Andy Voyen: Currently, I am 6'3, 205 at the moment. They said they do not need me to gain more weight, just work on agility and speed. But I'd like to get to 215-220.

BisonReport.com: What are your individual and team goals you hope to accomplish during your college career?

AV: My goals are to come in and compete and earn my scholarship. Also, I want to become a physical, dominant force on the outside in the WR core. And I want for the team to continue the tradition of a championship team every season, and win it every year I am there.

BisonReport.com: What are you looking to work on the most this spring to prepare yourself for Missouri Valley football?

AV: I am looking forward on working on becoming even faster and increasing my agility to break away from any defender.

BisonReport.com What future moment are you looking forward to the most as a Bison?

AV: I am looking forward to celebrating with my team and holding the championship trophy in Frisco. Also, just getting to know all my future teammates and becoming brothers excites me for the near future.

BisonReport.com: What was the main reason you chose to attend North Dakota State University?

AV: I chose NDSU because of the culture and brotherhood feel everyone gave off. The atmosphere and good academics also were major factors in the decision.

BisonReport.com: What team do you want to beat the most as a Bison and why?

AV: I look forward to going into FBS opponents stadium, and continuing the trend of winning. So Oregon, and other teams that we plan. Also, playing UND in 2019, I have a Mahtomedi teammate going to play football for them, so that'll be real good to beat him.

BisonReport.com: Is there any unfinished academic business or are you all set to enroll at NDSU?

AV: I am set to enroll over summer and have no setbacks.


BisonReport.com: If you don't make it to the NFL, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

AV: In 10 years, I see myself continuing to make strides to being great in the job that I go into, being a leader in the community, being the best man I can be, and coming back once in a while and joining BisoNation.

BisonReport.com: What is it about Coach Klieman and the coaching staff that makes you want to play for them?

AV: What makes me want to play for these coaches is their passion for football, their determination to be the best, and wanting to make me not only the best I can be on the field, but also off the field. They are all great men and coaches, and I'm excited to get coached up from them.

BisonReport.com: What is something you learned about North Dakota State University that surprised you during the recruiting process?

AV: I've known about NDSU football for a while now. But once I started to get recruited, and see exactly what NDSU football was about, and see the passion from the fans, and the community. It's unreal. I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

BisonReport.com: What position do you expect to play at NDSU? What other position did the Bison staff mention as a possibility?

AV: I am a Wide Receiver. But I also want to be on the field as much as I can, so any positions on special teams, I see myself doing as well. Anywhere I can make an impact, I want to do.

BisonReport.com: What have the coaches told you regarding how they plan to utilize your strengths as a player?

AV: I'm a physical Wide Receiver. I love going up and winning jump balls, and stretching the field, and they see that. So that'll be a big part of my game, but also being a possession WR, and using my big body to block. But being a deep threat is a big focus on me.

BisonReport.com: Have you had any communication with other NDSU recruits and if so what?

AV: Yes, I have met some of them on my official visit, but we all have a group chat together. So we all have communicated with each other, and I can tell this is going to be a special class for NDSU.

BisonReport.com: What player do you model your game after and why?

AV: Randy Moss. His ability to dominate his opponent, and his ability to go up and make plays on the ball, I have seen a lot in myself, and will continue to strive for.

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