Central Wyoming JUCO guard Chris Quayle breaks down his NDSU commitment

Central Wyoming JUCO guard Chris Quayle breaks down his NDSU commitment with the BisonReport.


"Everything with NDSU started when I got a text from Coach Olson a few days after the region 9 tournament," Wyoming JUCO guard Chris Quayle said to Scout.com. "From there just was a lot of phone calls with coach Olson and Richman telling me about the school and program. I really liked what they had to say and I felt comfortable with everything so I decided to come up for a visit this last weekend. My dad had the chance to come with me too, which was awesome. I got to watch a weight training session and a spring basketball workout which helped me get a feel for what it would be like. I also took a tour for both the academic and athletic facilities and met with some awesome academic advisors. Finally I got to meet the guys on the team and all of the coaches and their families. It was a lot of information and names to take in and process in a short amount of time but I really enjoyed my time in Fargo."


"NDSU offered me a scholarship right at the end of my visit before I left for the airport," Quayle explained. "As far as what was discussed, I think a lot of the stuff we talked about I would like to remain between us, but one thing he did tell me was that it will be the hardest thing I've ever done, but also the most fun. I think they like my size and length along with my ability to play multiple positions. I think they see me being able to play anywhere from the 1-3, which I'm good with. Coach Richman gave me time to think about the offer, as he wasn't trying to pressure me into committing while I was on campus. So I came back to Riverton and talked with my family about it, and ultimately decided that NDSU was the place for me. Coach Richman seemed pretty excited for me to be joining the Bison family! The biggest reason I chose NDSU was it was the best fit for me and my game and it's a place I think I can succeed and be happy at because of the people I'm surrounding myself with. I'll be there this summer for the the eight week period where we workout and take six credits of class, and then full time this fall."

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