Wisconsin athlete D.J. Stewart loves his North Dakota State unofficial visit

Wisconsin athlete D.J. Stewart loves his North Dakota State unofficial visit, and he talks about it with the BisonReport.


"The NDSU visit was unbelievable. I loved it," Kimberly (Wis.) athlete D.J. Stewart said to the BisonReport. "I was able to tour the whole campus and all the facilities and I had a chance to watch them practice in the morning. The campus was awesome as the architecture was fantastic. Their facilities were awesome as everything was super high quality. I talked a lot with coach Hank Jacobs a lot, coach Goeser, plus the running backs coach, head coach and I also talked to the DB's coach. Coach Jacobs showed me around a lot of the facilities and laid out the day for me when I first got there. Coach Messingham, the offensive coordinator and running backs coach, talked to me a lot about playing for the team and not playing for yourself. He also gave me some background on himself. Coach Klanderman talked to me about some formations and kind of quizzed me on some stuff and talked to about how great the NDSU program is (which it is great). He also gave me background on himself as well."


"Coach Klieman asked me how I liked everything and talked to me about how he likes me as a player and talked about my offer I got from them," Stewart explained to Scout.com. "He told me that their offer is not going to be available forever, but he encouraged me to look at other places and that I should accept the offer only after I'm 100% sure I want to be a Bison. They still haven't told me what position they want me at, but I have a feeling I won't play running back and that I'm likely to play wide receiver or defensive back because of my size and body type. My mom loves it at North Dakota State and she was all for me going there if that's what I decide. I'd say my favorite part of the visit was learning about all the help you can get with school work and learning about all the food I can eat. I don't eat a lot of food at home right now just because of some money things, so knowing that it won't be a worry there at NDSU is nice. North Dakota State is still high on my list and it's going to be hard to beat that visit. I might be visiting Iowa on April 15th, but we'll see where things go from there." 

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