Elk River (Minn.) lineman Ronnie Audette takes a visit to North Dakota State

Elk River (Minn.) lineman Ronnie Audette recently took a visit to North Dakota State, and he recaps it with Scout.


"I got to meet with the coaches, and toured the Fargodome and athletic center," Elk River (Minn.) lineman Ronnie Audette said to the BisonReport. "We went on a walking tour of campus and checked out buildings and dorms too. I like the campus as it wasn't big at all, and everything seemed to be in walking distance. There were some older looking buildings, which I really like too. Their facilities were great. Nothing to complain about, that's for sure."


"I didn't talk with any of the Bison coaches too long, but I'd say I talked with coach Riley and Entz the most while I was there," Audette explained. "Coach Riley said that he likes my film and wants me to be patient with the whole process. Coach Entz is coming down to watch me workout next Saturday too, so that'll be good. They said that they were going to wait for a while before they offer any offensive linemen because I can't have any contact at camps this summer because of my labrum surgery, its a downside to my recruiting process with them. My interest in NDSU is up there as I haven't really visited a bad school, so they're definitely on my mind."

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