Stoughton (Wis.) athlete Brady Schipper takes a trip to North Dakota State

Stoughton (Wis.) athlete Brady Schipper takes a trip to North Dakota State, and he recaps his recruiting with

"On my North Dakota State visit, we first heard talks from all the coaches and listened to what NDSU football is all about," Stoughton athlete Brady Schipper said to the BisonReport. "Then we got a tour of all the amazing facilities that they have there, and after that, we watched the spring game. We didn't get much of a tour of campus, just the sports facilities, but I drove around and it was really cool. NDSU definitely some of the best facilities in the area as they were amazing and it makes you want to be there and join their great program."

"I talked a lot with coach Goeser and Messingham while I was there," Schipper said to "Goeser really likes my film and he likes me a lot and can't wait to get me to camp. Coach Messingham just introduced himself. I hadn't talked to him prior the visit. He's excited to work with me at camp. He's a good guy and had a good conversation with him. NDSU hasn't said anything about an offer yet, but have said that going to camp will be the difference maker. Depends on how well I perform and if they like what they see. An NDSU offer would mean a lot to me. To be offered to play at a great program like that, man it doesn't get much better. I'm planning on camping at Wisconsin, Iowa, NDSU, North Dakota, Going to the Chicagoland showcase at Northwestern, and either Northern Illinois or Minnesota. And in July, going to Minnesota Duluth."

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