TE/DE Says NIU On Wish List

Todd Newman could be quite a catch in 2004 and hopefully he'll catch a lot more football's this year as well. The Huskies made his early wish list.

It's tough to impress college recruiters when you're a tight end on a running team in high school but that's what Todd Newman is up against.

Newman, a 6-foot-4, 240-pounder from Bartlett, Illinois started every game as a junior but didn't get his hands on the football.

"We're a running team," said Bartett coach Tom Meaney. "Todd (Newman) is an impressive athlete. If I had a quarterback who could get him the ball, I'd do it.

"Todd is a super blocker. He'll get out on the linebackers and open up big holes for our running backs and although we don't throw the ball much, he still has very good hands."

Newman is beginning to hear from the college recruiters.

"I don't have any offers," said Newman. "I'm starting to get a lot of mail. Purdue and Northwestern have been sending the most stuff.

"If I had to name early favorites, I'd say that Northwestern would be up there with Purdue, Northern Illinois and Iowa. Miami, USC and LSU are dream schools.

"I'm going to camp at Northwestern this summer and hopefully the Nike Camp."

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