If You've been Paying Attention....

You have to like what you hear and read from the post season reporting on the <b>Northwestern Wildcats</b><br><br> At least the Coach Does...

If you were paying attention...
You have to like what you heard from and about some members of the Wildcat Basketball Team last week.

If you were paying attention;

AP Photo - Stephen Carrera You heard NU Coach Bill Carmody joking after Friday's loss about how soon to be Senior Guard Jitim YoungIllinois to end the season.

Carmody jokingly told Jitim to go take a couple of weeks off, but I doubt he did.

If you were paying attention;

AP Photo - Chris PutmanYou noticed Davor Duvancic's [AP Photo-Chris Putman - right] reactions to putting in 20 against Illinois. Sure they were 20 points after the game had been decided, but go to the NU Sports News and follow the link to Larry Watt's story about DD.

At 5-9, I'm easily impressed with anyone who is taller than 6-5, but if you ever get a chance to talk to Davor one on one, you will come away  very impressed with his openess, sincerity, and his desire to play winning basketball at NU.

If you were paying attention;

AP Photo - Rex ArbogastDavor hinted In the same story, and those who could get to games and watch all the Wildcats on the court might agree  that the Frosh and Sophs actually  had 7 coaches last season - Carmody, Paul Lee, Craig Robinson and Mitch Henderson AND Seniors Winston Blake, [AP Photo Brian Kersey - below right] Aaron Jennings and Jason Burke [AP Photo Rex Arbogast - left].

AP Photo - Brian Kersey You can probably put Jitim Young on that list as well. As with Tavaras Hardy and Collier Drayton last year, the Cats' again had Senior Leadership for the first time in a long time.

If you were paying attention:

You know that Vedran Vukusic has been practicing all year, only he's been working with his left hand as his right shoulder heals. I've heard his left-handed 3 pointer is now as good as his right handed 3 pointer.

If you were paying attention:

You've read that T.J. Parker is already recruiting his little brother, Pierre [also at Lisle] for Bill Carmody's Cats -

I read one quote where he explains he wants Pierre to come to NU in 2 years so he can work with him to learn the system and take over when he graduates.

As you take a look back

at all the things that the Wildcats tried to do, had to do and did during the past season, you come away with a few thoughts about next season that are pretty positive.

But we'll save those for later - meanwhile, just keep thinking: Big Guys from Croatia, and The French Connection...

-- da Coach

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