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Some Wassamaters...

</b>When the Coach doesn't understand something he's been known to quote some of the colorful <i>characters</i> of his New York area upbringing -<br><br> <i>"Hey, Wassamater?"</i>

Wassamaters: Random Thoughts with Spring Football a week away...

Wassamater 1: The Men's Tennis Team?
The were 8-2 at the end of February, with wins over Wisconsin and Notre Dame.

But since March 1st [actually March 7th against Purdue] they've been winless against the Big 10 [Purdue and Illinois] and 3 non-conference teams down in Texas.

Next up are 4 home, and 2 away matches against Big 10 teams. Its like someone flipped a switch on March 1st and the Court Cats changed into some alternative squad.

I just hope the other guys, the ones who were winning in January and February come back in April.

Wassamater guys?
Wassamater2: The NU Medical Staff?
In particular the doctors' office that did all the football physicals back 2 years ago.

How in the world did they lose 3 copies of Rashidi Wheeler's medical records, expecially after Wheeler's tragic death?

I'm sure that someone on the doctor's staff put the copies aside for "safekeeping" after that sad day in August, and given the CYA attitude that exists in many places today, I'm sure that they are around somewhere, probably stored in the back of someone's desk - I have a filing system just like that - I know its here somewhere.....

But if you're supposed to be keeping records, you force us to ask the question - "Wassamater with your filing?"
3. Wassamater 3: Linda Will's attorneys?
I know that she is a grieving mother, just like so many other mothers of dead sons we've got this week.

But isn't it time for her Legal advisors to tell her to get her almost insane hatred for Northwestern's Coaches under control?

One of the most unsettling pieces of information that came out last week was that Linda Will had to be warned not to describe Randy Walker [and other assistants] as a murderer, tough charges against a man who wasn't even there.

I guess she thinks she's playing to some great mass of outraged people out there, but kids die under tragic circumstances every day because of things that they chose to do to acheive some goal or desire.

If Northwestern and its football staff erred, it was in not fully discouraging the use of any "supplement," but what's been released about his doctor's examination suggests that Wheeler hid the use of the supplement from NU's trainers and coaches.

Of course, had Coach Randy Walker suspended Wheeler for the use of the banned material, we'd probably be in court about that and then he'd be something else instead.
-- da Coach

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