Changes Mark the Spring 2-Deep

<b>Backes</b> moves to Corner, <b>Bogenrief</b> moves to Tight End, <b>Cobb</b> moves to Linebacker -- <br><br> Just three of the position changes as Coach <b>Randy Walker</b> shuffles the <b>Wildcat</b> 2 deep heading into <b>Spring Practice</b>.


Here are the significant Depth Chart changes from last year...
Sitting out the practices on Defense:
MLB Pat Durr, SAF Jarvis Adams, OLB Eric VanderHorst, and OLB Ryan Peterson will sit out due to rehab of injuries.
On Offense:
OL Joe Tripodi OL Scott Crohn and QB Joe Ferguson are also wearing the no contact shirt
Changes on Defense:
The Cats had to replace graduating Seniors MLB Vince Cartaya, CB Raheem Covington and SAF Mark Roush.

But Greg Colby's D will look quite different this spring:
D-Line: So Greg Lutzen replaces So David Thompson on the left. Lutzen is listed as 35 lbs heavier. At least the D-Line is starting to look "older," both tackles are Juniors, the ends are both Sophs.

Linebackers: [Shuffle the deck - remember 2 of 3 sitting out were starters last year] Sr Doug Szymul replaces Vince Cartaya in the middle. Jr John Pickens replaces So Eric Vanderhorst.

Braden Jones
is still on the 2 deep, Fr Demetrius Eaton and Fr Erryn Cobb [moving from the offense] are the backups in the middle

D-Backs: [Another Shuffle as AHC Jerry Brown needed to replace 2 graduates] So Marquice Cole replaces Raheem Covington at left CB, and the big surprise - So Jeff Backes replaces Jr Herschel Henderson on the right. [Backes moved from WR/RB, a position NU has depth - he had 7 interceptions as a d-back in HS.]

Sr Tom Stuckey replaces Mark Roush who did not return for his final year at Safety.
Changes on Offense:
Line Coach Jim Patton took the biggest hit from graduation, losing his top Guard, Center and Tight End.
O-Line: The tackles, So Zach Strief and Jr Trai Essex remain, and Left Guard Jr Matt Ulrich is still there, but Jr Bill Newton steps into Jeff Roehl's slot on the right, and Austin King's backup, Sr Carl Matejka moves up to center.
[The Cats have two centers - Trevor Rees and Austin Matthews coming in in August - one of them may challenge, but for the spring, Fr Jim Devine will back up Matejka.]

Sr Ray Bogenrief moved from the D-Line back to tight end, he All State in the TE position in HS. So TaylorJones is listed as his backup.

Wide Reciever:  Only Jon Schweighardt is gone from NU's deepest postion. Depth charts don't mean much with the X-Y-Z recievers. So Mark Philmore is playing X, Sr. Kunle Patrick is still  at Y and Jr. Ashton Aikens is at Z, replacing Sr. Roger Jordan.  Expect to see Jordan, and So Brandon Horn running a lot of routes along with the starters.

The Wildcats also have 5 wideouts coming in from the recruiting class, including a couple who have freshman starting potential so you might see some more shuffling before the first game.

Running Back: So Terrell Jordan is now listed third behind Sr Jason Wright and Jr Noah Herron.

is still Brett Basanez #1, with Fr Alexander Webb #2 and So Derell Jenkins at #3.
So there you go, quite a bit of shuffling - especially offense to defense. DC Greg Colby  and OC Mike Dunbar had hinted about some "horsetrading" at signing day - looks like they did just that.  All of the Coachs, especially HC Randy Walker talk about putting the best players on the field, regardless of where they play

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