Scouting Ohio's Brock Bolen

Brock Bolen will be an All-American candidate in 2003. Northwestern and several others have already offered a scholarship.

Plain and simple, 6-foot, 230-pound athlete, Brock Bolen is one of the most talented and devastating athletes we've seen on film this year.

Bolen rushed for 2,287 yards and scored 43 touchdowns for Germantown (Ohio) Valley View in 2002. He was named 2nd team all-state as a junior and was named a (Junior) All-American by Student Sports.

Brock is equally talented as a linebacker and could play on either side of the ball at the next level. His highlight tape starts out with him running stairs in the off season. It's easy to see that this young man hasn't missed many workouts.

Bolen is a ripped 230-pounds and on film he uses that body to run over would be tacklers. Not once did I see Brock go down on the first hit. He has exceptional balance and vision as well as an awesome stiff arm that more than a few defenders were on the receiving end of.

College recruiters are looking for running backs that are constantly in a forward lean and don't give the defense much of a target. Bolen has this technique down to a science, his feet are constantly moving after first contact and he has enough athleticism to make defenders miss.

Brock has terrific hands, showing he can catch the ball out the backfield as well as down field running different routes.

Athletic, tough, hard-nosed, nasty, intimidating and competitive are the best words to describe this All-American candidate.

Michigan State, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Ohio University and Western Kentucky were the schools that offered Bolen a scholarship when we interviewed him on March 19th. We wouldn't be surprised if more schools have offered Brock a scholarship in the past two weeks.

Bolen says that Wisconsin, Purdue, Ohio State, Michigan State, Northwestern, Penn State and South Carolina are his early favorites.

In conclusion, Brock Bolen will be a Midwest "Hot 100" member and will be recommended for The Insiders National "Hot 100" as well.

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