Two Parts of NU Success - Gone

Two members of the Wildcat Coaching Family too some big steps in their careers last week. Kevin Johns - the Wide Receiver Coach and Pass Game coordinator moved over Indiana to join former NU OC Kevin Wilson and Lindsey Munday, one of NU's early Lacrosse stars was given the job of establishing Lacrosse at USC.

First off, Kevin Johns - a guy who was a Graduate Assistant for 3 years and who took a coaching job in Richmond, then came back two years later to coach Running Backs under Coach Randy Walker, quite a task for a guy who played QB at Div I-AA Dayton.

But in two years (2004-05) as RB coach, he had a hand in developing Noah Herron and Tyrell Sutton into "the Guy," and NU hasn't had a top rated back since Johns moved over to work with the Wide Receivers and be the Recruiting Coordinator in 2006.

In 2008, he added the job of Passing Game Coordinator to his resume, and developed a group of WR's including Ross Lane, Jeremy Ebert, Zeke Markshausen, Andrew Brewer and Eric Peterman. Maybe it was his background as a quarterback but Johns connected with the wideouts, letting NU run an offense that involved 7 or 8 different receivers making plays every game.

He started through the coaching ranks under Randy Walker, and one of Walker's rules was that in 10 years all the assistants would be coaching at a higher level somewhere else. Kevin Johns is certainly on his way to becoming a coordinator, and maybe a head coach some day. The only thing he hasn't done is coach QB's, but then he was one once.

Then there is Lindsay Munday.

Does anyone realize that as long as Munday was on the Lacrosse Field for the Wildcats, NU had to be a favorite for the NCAA Championship?

Seriously, on the field during the 2003-2006 seasons, she was the player who fed the stars so they could score. In four years she racked up 128 assists while playing on two National Champion teams. After graduation in 2006, she moved to the sidelines at NU for four more years, helping produce two Tewaareton winners, and three more NCAA titles before moving to Mount St. Mary's as head coach last Summer. Last week, USC tapped Munday to do for the Trojans, what her mentor, NU head coach Kelly Amonte-Heller, did for the Wildcats.

Think about it, as long as Munday was on the NU side of the field, the Cats' won the NCAA's. Last year she wasn't officially there, and the Cats' lost.

If you're going to hire a new head coach, those are the kind of statistics you want.

NU's loss is USC's and Indiana's gain. I can only hope that someday both will find their way back to Evanston.

-- daCoach

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