Wildcats Out For Butler

Northwestern is looking for more depth in their backfield for the 2011 recruiting class, but one running back interested in the school isn't going to get a chance to commit to the Wildcats.

Brother Martin High School (La.) running back Dante Butler said that he does not anticipate receiving a scholarship offer from Northwestern.

"They were number one on my list, but they said they couldn't offer me a scholarship because of my grades," Butler said.

The high level of education at Northwestern was what excited Butler most about a possible commitment to the Wildcats, but with the recent news that he won't be receiving a scholarship offer, Butler must find somewhere else to take his talents to.

He says that Tulane, Southern Mississippi and Western Kentucky are now at the top of his list, while he is still waiting on calls from Miami (OH) and Northern Illinois, both of which had recent coaching changes.

"I'm also waiting to hear from Cal and Arizona," Butler said.

With only a month until signing day, things still seem pretty wide open for Butler, who has no timetable for making a decision.

"It could be before signing day or after, I don't really know how things will work out," Butler said.

For the Wildcats, this is another example of a fairly well regarded recruit not being able to make it to Northwestern (his top school) because of it's high standard of education.

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