Coach Roy: Pat Fitzgerald's "Recruitment"

When I was in high school, we had a gentleman who very successfully coached our football team.

His name was Joe Cody, Newsday's "cautious crier," so named because every pre-season he would point out all the reasons why the Frogs wouldn't win their division again.

Just about every year Joe Cody was approached by some college asking if he would consider taking his winning ways to their school.

However, when asked about moving "up" he used to answer - "Alumni don't fire high school coaches."

Pat Fitzgerald is in that wonderful position of a coach who maybe doesn't have to win a title every year to successfully keep his job. To be sure, there are alums who are even now griping about his coaching style, but remember that while NU has allowed a many head coach contracts to expire, they've rarely fired a head coach for a losing season.

This year we've heard rumbles about Fitz and N**** D***, State Penn and now Michigan.

Maybe Fitz is on a lot of short lists, but I personally think that deep down inside, he shares something with the late Randy Walker.

He just wants to stay around Evanston and coach the Wildcats,

(and in retirement he just wants a couple of seats in Ryan near the 50, and as an alum, he'll probably pay for them himself.)

-- daCoach

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