Random Thoughts: January Week 2

Truly Random Thoughts on the 10th of January as Coach Roy returns to the roots...

On Basketball last week: Was impressed with the overall effort, like Juice Thompson playing most of the 2nd half with 4 fouls, and making most of his foul shots towards the end.
-- Jon Shurna playing above his injury - altho he landed hard on that left ankle and it appeared to me that he sat out the last 4 or 5 minutes.
-- Alex Marcatullio playing much better than just a guy coming off the bench, same with Mike Capocci - NU actually went to a 3 guard 2 forward offense (or it seemed to me) and maintained the lead.
-- Luka! - big nite for Luka Mirkovic, and lots of effort in the lane at the other end, altho in the last 10, Indy started to drive the hoop and Luka was sometimes out of position.
-- JerShon Cobb seems to be getting over his frosh jitters. He had some seriously good shots drop even though he still makes frosh mistakes.
-- Drew Crawford was the only guy who didn't seem comfortable with his shot Sunday night.

One thing that was absent most of the nite was the 1-3-1. Juice was either up front or on the edge. They also seemed to be playing a zone with Juice moving back and forth up and down. Whatever it was, it definitely controlled most of Indy's inside game until the end as they were forced to rain down 3 pointers..

Indy apparently doesn't have much inside yet and the Cats 3 point shooting forced Indy to play away from the basket. Juice had several nice layups off drives to the basket. Still, few offensive rebounds in the mix.

Calling the Game: I don't think anyone realizes just how good Shon Morris is - his "Vanilla" comment about his "secret team nickname" after Cobb introduced Crawford as "Chocolate Lightning" was pretty funny if not memorable. Last night it was fun to listen to the announcing team talk about NU, Indiana, and the game at hand, rather than whatever the guys in Illinois chattered about thru the 2nd half.

We Aren't' the only ones: The fun never stops in Michigan - from the AD "There will always be a certain number of people who enjoy criticizing others, and there is nothing any of us can do about them! However, for those of you who want to help bring Michigan football back to where we all want it to be, you can help by getting behind our new coach and ignoring those who enjoy creating controversy and resentment."

After the Illinois game, and Big 10 Loss #3, we heard a little of this stuff from our fans about Bill Carmody who just signed a contract extension. BC has the Cats playing over .500 the last 3 years and doing it without a legitimate big man inside.

And Finally: I won't dump on anyone's "colors," but watching the National Championship game (as called by NU Alum Brent Mussberger), I can't believe the yellow color of the Oregon Ducks. Could you imagine them playing at Boise State? Makes my head hurt.

Go Cats

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