VanHoose Excited to be a Wildcat

Indiana decided to move its football program in a different direction this offseason by firing coach Bill Lynch. Subsequently, former Hoosier commit Nick Van Hoose decided to head in a different direction as well.

Van Hoose, a three-star running back from St. Paris, Ohio, decommited from IU following Lynch's firing, and after surveying his options, changed his commitment to Northwestern, citing the coaching change as the main reason for his decision.

"With the coaching change, I really didn't feel like it was a complete fit for me. I talked with the new [Indiana] coach and he seemed like a good guy, but I just think Northwestern is a better fit for me," Van Hoose said.

While Lynch lost his job after the 2010 season, Northwestern just signed coach Pat Fitzgerald to a contract extension, and Van Hoose is excited about playing for his new coach.

"Coach Pat Fitzgerald is a really, really good coach," he said.

The university itself also played a major role in Van Hoose's decision.

"I really like the area where Northwestern is," he said. "The academics were a major thing for me."

His family is also excited about his new commitment.

"My parents didn't think I could get into Northwestern, but apparently my grades were good enough and they were thrilled," Van Hoose added.

He says he didn't know but about Northwestern at first, but was very impressed when he learned more about the school and its football program.

Now, two commitments and one coaching change later, Van Hoose will be headed to Evanston, not Bloomington, in the fall. And after a long process, he feels he made the right decision.

"I felt it was a really, really good fit for me," he said. "I'm very, very excited."


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