More Randy Walker after Practice

Here's Coach Walker's evalutation after Saturday's practice...

Northwestern Head Coach Randy Walker's evaluation of the first 4 practices:
We're doing very well...

We started back in January - we started out, came back from Christmas break and we came back in great shape with a handful of guys met all their strength goals, we set goals for them to come back and they obviously worked hard. 

Virtually all passed the conditioning test after Christmas break.  So it gave us a chance to have a great winter. I thought we did. Worked hard, had a great "winning edge" [strength program], great lifting, and again to their credit - they're virtually off 2 weeks in the spring with finals and spring break - we only had 4 kids didn't pass the conditioning test when they came back.

So they just weren't sitting on a bar stool somewhere in Daytona Beach, they were at least running some of the time, and I give them credit for that.

The best thing we have going for us right now is we have great attitude.

We have kids lifting each other up, we also have kids calling each other out for not playing up to potential, and that's a good thing. You can see the drive and passion.

I see some guys who have gone through some adversity, are doing some good things, and its good to see that so the best thing we've got going for us right now is our attitude.

We really have a lot of the right things in place, and we're working hard and we've got a whole bunch of kids back so this isn't rocket science to them, they know the offense and defense and defense now.

We are making some changes, you know we were pretty sterile last year on defense and even as an offense at times - so many young players and and 5 quarterbacks... The silver lining, as I've always said, is we had a whole bunch of guys get a chance to play last year as young players and hopefully now we can accelerate, do a lot more things creatively on both sides of the ball and take advantage of how smart these kids are.

On only 4 players not passing the conditioning test:
Its really a testimony - these kids came back - I kept repeating to them last fall that one of two things was going to happen to this football team.

You're going to keep taking this or you gotta do something about it.

We're young, we can make excuses just so long, but at some point you grow up as a man and you keep taking it or you do something about it , and I think they've vowed to do something about it.

There's a whole lot people working a whole lot harder that we got a year ago and I think they realized what they had to do to play in the Big 10 and they want to do something about this.

NU Head Coach Randy Walker taling with the media after Saturday's Practice

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