Random Thoughts: January 24th

This started out as a decent season. Usually you could count on 4 of the 5 starters to hit double figures, because we could get our outside 3 pointers to fall - especially at our house, Welsh-Ryan.

But it almost seems like the other Big 10 teams can predict which Wildcat will start to miss 3 pointers and then change their defense to cover the guy who will be hot from the arc.

In my "humble" opinion, the Cats can't be as bad as we looked against Illinois and Wisconsin, and we're apparently not as good as we looked against Georgia Tech, Michigan or SIU. Would the "real" NU Wildcats please start coming to the games?

Persa on the comeback trail

The Sun Times had an article Saturday about Dan Persa's rehab and how well things are going for NU's soon to be Senior Quarterback. Sounds like he's about a month ahead of whatever a rehab schedule for an Achilles is.

Persa's always been in good shape, and is known for being one of the best trained players on the team. Even hearing about his rehab going so well is good news for Cat fans on a Cold January morning.

Women's Lacrosse

How do you build a top program? Copy your old school's winning ways.

Former NU Assistant and player Lindsey Munday just went out and picked up a former #1 recruit from Virginia to be her first at USC. Kelly Austin transfered out of the Virginia program at the end of December and is already in school in California. Austin was the top player in High School Lacrosse in 2009, and played in 10 games for the Cavs, starting 3 of them.

Lindsay certainly isn't wasting any time building a team.

The Curse of the Wildcats Reversed

Once again Trai Essex of the Steelers is NU's representative in the NFL Championship Game in Dallas this year. Essex also played for the Steelers in 2006. He wasn't on the field, but he was on the team and earned the first Super Bowl ring for a Wildcat Alum. Since 2006, an NU Wildcat has been on the winning team's roster. (2006 - Trai Essex, 2007 Matt Ulrich, 2008 -  Barry Cofield, 2009 - Essex, 2010 - Zach Streif).

This year Essex' Steelers are again in the big game, so I guess its another Steeler Super Bowl Ring.

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