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As the snow flies across the Big 10, are there some snow jobs coming on recruiting? Wednesday is Signing Day after all. And what about that one point loss to the Buckeyes?

They're starting even earlier -
Chris' article on the recruiting of Vonte Jackson says that he already has 3 offers from the Big 10!

The last time I went out to signing day, I was absolutely amazed that the recruiting guys were sending out their first round of offers to blue chip Juniors who were on coach Randy Walker's short list of prospects. However, it now seems that offers are made by NU even earlier.

It's even harder in Basketball and Baseball - kids are offered during their Junior year of competition and sign before they play their Senior year. Football recruiting is just following the trend in other sports.

It makes sense, given the fight for recruits, but what about the kids who's full talents emerge during their Senior year? and the HS stars who peak as Juniors and don't really improve as a Senior because they are now set with their commitment. (And I won't even attempt to comment on kids who can't get their SAT or ACT scores up enough to qualify for Northwestern)

Yes, schools can and do pull offers for various reasons. Academics and Personal Conduct tend to be the main issue, but much of the recent talk about over signing of players makes me wonder if there isn't a better way to recruit players.

It's not a new issue, remember back in the 70's when NU played OSU, and there were at least 15 running backs on the Buckeye roster?

I kept thinking that there had to be one of those guys over there who could read and write, and who had the skills to start for NU.

(And how is Zooker signing 30 kids for this class? Yup, 30 kids are on the schedule for the Illini. I only know of one kid - RB Mikel Leshoure - going pro early - I count 14 seniors on the 2010 Illinois roster, all on the 3 Deep. Ill-noise's grad rate must down in the toilet.)

Shurna playing better
At least he was jumping better so of course he gets a little push into the stanchion base and is out for the biggest game of the year at home - #1 Ohio State.

Speaking of Ohio State
The film of the slowdown game the Cats used against this #1 team has to be on the computer of every other roundball coach in the Big 10 today. OSU showed they can score at will - but they can be slowed by a 2-3 matchup zone, especially if the other guys go out and really rebound.

The Cats were playing for that last shot, that goes in and catches the attention of everyone on Sportscenter. But OSU played D and the Star Frosh made his first freethrow. The long shot by Crawford was way off line and that was all she wrote. We needed that long down the court pass that Jitim threw that one time.

I don't like moral victories, but the game Saturday showed that the Cats are capable of playing with anybody, even with their best shooter sitting on the bench.

On Roundball Recruiting
There's got to be a Big Man Out There. The Big 10 is full of champions who won the league with 3 guards, a forward and a center, in some cases a big forward playing center. There's got to be one out there who wants to play in the Windy City, and who can make the grades at Northwestern.

Attaboys, Big Attaboys
NU Alum, former WBBM-TV Sports Anchor and ABC/ESPN sportscaster Brent Musberger has been selected to the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association Hall of Fame.

Jack LaLanne
We old broadcast guys remember when Jack LaLanne had his exercise show running on TV every morning. I still have his record of exercise music "Glamour Stretcher Time" that my mother bought back in the 1950's. The "Glamour Stretcher" was a big rubber band - Like the ones still used in physical training.

LaLanne lived a long life and was in great shape until the end - wish I had that kind of drive.

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