It Just Seems Surreal

Florida defensive end Max Chapman is excited to sign his letter of intent and officially become a Northwestern Wildcat.

National Signing Day seems like just another day for the average person, but it's an amazing experience for those recruits who are lucky enough to be a part of it.

Take for example, Max Chapman (St. Augustine, FL). The 6'3, 230-lb defensive end gave the Northwestern Wildcats his verbal commitment on June 18th. Nearly six months later, Chapman is ready to sign his letter of intent to play for Northwestern.

"It just seems surreal to me, it's awesome," said Chapman.

The long wait till Signing Day seemed like a long one for Chapman, but the Nease High School standout said he's already living a dream.

"A little, but I really love high school. Playing Nease high school football was my dream, and it opened up more doors with Northwestern. I'm definitely excited though."

Chapman plans on faxing out his letter of intent at 7:00 am, 6:00 am in Evanston. After arriving at school, Chapman will be a part of Nease High School's Signing Day Ceremony, which will feature seven Nease athletes who will sign their letter of intent.

However, the hard part will be returning to class after the ceremony. But Chapman admitted he's excited to wear a nice suit around school all day.

With a five-and-a-half month wait till Signing Day, Chapman has been able to watch the recruiting class form. Like many of his future Wildcats, Chapman used social media to stay in touch with his fellow commits.

Chapman said the ability to make friends prior to starting school is a nice advantage that most soon-to-be college students don't have.

"Most people going into college don't know anyone, I get to go in having 16 friends," Chapman said. "It's definitely exciting."

The fear with anyone who gives their verbal commitment early is that they will become enamored with another school, and back out on their commitment. It happens far too often, and it's only natural to speculate. However, that was definitely not the case for Max Chapman.

Once Chapman committed to Northwestern, there wasn't anything else that could top it.

"Getting an opportunity like Northwestern, I wasn't really going to wait to see what was going to come next, there's nothing better than Northwestern," Chapman said. "The combination of academics and football, why wait?"

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