Random Thoughts on Spring Games....

A truly random collection of thoughts on a Friday morning...<br><br> + No Spring Game for the <b>Wildcats</b> at Ryan<br> + NU isn't the only one in court over <b>Ephedrine</b><br> + I guess they don't want <i>the Coach</i> around any more<br> + getting Spammed...

If you were planning to come to the Annual Purple and White Spring Football Game....
Forget it - Ryan Field is being reseeded/resodded and is unavailable at that time.

However, there will be a final practice April 26th, time and place is still to be determined. Traditionally, this final practice is open.

Those who went to last year's game/scrimmage inside at Trienens Hall will remember that it is very hard to see anything there because there are no sidelines or stands. We media guys got to sit on the stairs, so we could see everything but the fans watched from behind the team, a spot prized by some hard core football fans, but not very good for regular people who are used to sitting between the 30s.

I'm sure NU Sports will have the details as soon as they're locked down.

While I can't imagine why the resodding operation would be scheduled for the weekend of the Spring Game, I also know that contractors sometimes give you an option - do it these days, or it won't get done. The worse thing I can imagine is trying to play a spring game on a newly sodded field, given the recent weather in Chicago.

I doubt anyone planned this, and I'll be surprised if they get all 4 Baseball games in this weekend. Fow what its worth, Michigan has also cancelled their Spring Game because of weather and field renovations
I guess its not a good idea to be selling anything with Ephedrine...
Bob Schooler sent me a link to a Houston Chronicle story about all the lawsuits being filed against makers and sellers of anything that contains Ephedre, including Walmart and GNC. Seems that you not only can die from this stuff, but you can really mess up your health.

I also noted that one of the companies that manufacture products that include this stuff is an herbal product that I used [and sold] for weight control several years ago. At least none of my clients died.

Are you listening Linda?
It finally happened...
I have finally been blacklisted on the old message board that I saved from oblivion several years ago. They also removed all of my posts - I guess back to eternity. I join the ranks of such former posters as Chris Pool, and all they guys Termey and I banned over the years.

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to be content with correcting the errors if find on the New Purple Reign boards.

Actually, I was surprised they let me post up there for so long anyway. For what its worth, we have never blacklisted any of their guys here on Purple Reign, and won't if they follow the "no personal attack and obscenity" rules.
One Last Thing...
I have been fighting a long battle with my computer about performance. My search for stories has led to a situation where my Web response got slower and slower - even though I had upgraded my service.

Yesterday I downloaded a couple of free programs that cleaned out all of the background processes that track where I go on the interent. You can find them at www.download.com. While I don't normally recommend free software, a couple of the titles cleaned out large quantities of background processes that were slowing my system to a crawl.

Now if I could just get rid of the $#!^$#$#@!$# spam.
-- da Coach

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