Police Blotter Season is early this year

It happens every year, College Football players seem to get in trouble right after the Spring Semester.<br><br> But this year The Coach wonders if its started earlier than usual...

Once again, College Football reporting is starting to resemble the Police Blotter...
You know - that section in the Newspaper where they list all the arrests every morning?

It happens every year, but it seems like it has an early start this year.
  • 3 Iowa players are in trouble for various "problems" in downtown Iowa City bars.
  • 3 Alabama Football players have been charged for a Spring Break armed robbery
  • A lineman at FSU has been charged with sexual assault
  • That famous Wisconsin receiver just got probabtion for a drug charge
And that's just the list from last week on one web site.

Add the mob action in Minnesota after they won the Frozen Four or in East Lansing after MSU lost in the NCAA tournament and you wonder if we're actually raising the future leaders of America or  the next generation of gangsters. There is always an element in society who will take advantage of a celebration to destroy things and there are still those in society  who think that the cure for all their imagined social ills is the destruction of other's property, students of Chicago history know all about anarchy and its proponents.

So what causes this stuff. Is it just a release of tension after being cooped up all Winter, the descent into depravity in the end times, or is it plain stupidity on the part of kids?

Unfortunately there will always be people who will take advantage of a situation to settle scores, or try for some limited gain. Sometimes there are people who just get caught up in an event and want to try doing something illegal, just once. Sometimes kids think they are above the law [see the list above]. Sometimes kids just do stupid things.

All you can do as a parent is hope you raised your kids to respect other people's property, and send them off the college hoping they get educated so they can actually earn a good living when they're done. You hope that they remember that its hard to do that with a criminal record.

-- da Coach

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