St. Louis Linebacker To Visit NU

When Dennis Springer left Indiana to join Northwestern's staff, he jotted down the names of two recruits who he wanted Northwestern to go after. One was three-star linebacker Michael Scherer (St. Louis, MO). On Friday, Scherer will visit Northwestern to check out the Wildcats.

St. Louis prospect Michael Scherer is living in a dream right now. The three-star linebacker currently holds five offers, and expects more on the way.

"It's been like a dream," said Scherer. "I got my first offer when I was sophomore and ever since then it's been one school after another. Getting eight boxes of mail and all this crazy stuff, it's just been great."

However the junior realizes that the only way to make his dreams a reality is through sweat and sacrifice.

"As of right now I get up every morning at 4 a.m. and work out with my brothers and my trainer," Scherer said. "It's rough but you just get used to it after awhile. Now it's just something that comes naturally to me. When I get a look or an offer it all just seems like that hard work is paying off."

It's that strong work ethic that has earned the linebacker attention from some of the top schools across the nation.

Scherer currently holds offers from Missouri, Iowa, Boston College, Nebraska, and Illinois. In addition, schools such as Northwestern, Iowa State, Oklahoma, Kansas, Michigan State, and Kansas State are showing strong interest.

The junior says Northwestern's interest started picking up when WR coach Dennis Springer joined the Wildcat family. Scherer said Springer was just beginning to recruit the St. Louis area while coaching at Indiana.

Before he left though, Coach Springer made sure to write down two names.

"When he got to Northwestern he said he just took out his book from Indiana and I was one of the two names."

Scherer wouldn't even be surprised if the ‘Cats had an offer waiting for him tomorrow when he takes his visit.

The linebacker admits he doesn't know much about the Northwestern program but at this point every school gets an equal opportunity to win him over. And before he dwindles his list down, the recruit must feel at ease.

The school's I feel more comfortable with are going to be at the top," Scherer said. "Right now, I'm just taking it as it comes. Probably around July I'll start narrowing things down and start picking."

It'll definitely be a busy next couple of months for the superstar, but he uses his dreams to keep him focused on the ultimate prize.

"I need to train myself and need to work as hard as I can for when I make the next step," Scherer said. "I want to be ready to go when I make it to the next level. I need to work even harder to become a college athlete and someone who can play on the college level."

Scherer plans to make a stop at Notre Dame this Saturday followed by stops at Oklahoma, Michigan State, Iowa State, and Michigan this spring.

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