Monday Practice Report

The Wildcats were back on the practice field on Monday morning for a short workout. Get the scoop with our practice report.

• The Wildcats practiced in helmets with no pads, and had a shortened practice today. They spent extra time in the film room studying film from Saturday's scrimmage. They ended early to save allotted minutes for this Saturday's scrimmage.

• While recapping Saturday's scrimmage, Pat Fitzgerald singled out Charles Brown, Mike Jensen, and Jeravin Matthews for having the most impressive day.

• The coaching staff spent the last couple days reviewing the film from the scrimmage, and showed that to the players before practice this morning. Coach Fitzgerald said, "We spent a lot of time watching the video, the coaches had a great opportunity to watch all the tape, we tried to show the guys what they did well and the areas that they need to improve on."

• The theme for today's practice was fundamentals. Each position dedicated time to the basics, such as making the right steps, using proper form, and other basics.

• Fitzgerald talked about one of his least favorite topics, rebuilding an attitude from last season. Fitzgerald said, "(The attitude) came back about halfway through the winter. You could tell in workouts, we were kind of hung-over, so to speak, in winter workouts. That came back around winning edge, and the guys have done a nice job with it."

• We have one more helmets practice, and only having three practices next week, instead of going helmets on Thursday, we're going to get after it pretty good. We'll go really hard tomorrow, and then see where we're at Wednesday, Thursday, and then we'll have a good scrimmage on Saturday.

• A player who impressed me today was Demetrius Dugar. I watched him closely during the defensive back drills, and his aggressiveness is what makes him a great cover corner. He's very quick in getting to the ball.

• The highlight of the practice came courtesy of Mike Trumpy. On a pitch to the outside, the running back turned up the jets and ran down the sidelines for a touchdown.

• Another noteworthy play came during 7 on 7 drills. Kain Colter showed off his arm with a bullet over the middle, which as hauled in by Drew Moulton. The team erupted as Moulton ran into the end zone, while Colter had his own celebration.

• After practice, Coach Fitzgerald talked about the Wildcats' newest coach, Dennis Springer. Fitzgerald said that the recommendation from his good friend Bill Lynch was what helped inspire him to hire Springer. With this being Springer's first spring on the coaching staff; Fitzgerald said both the coaches and players are helping Springer get caught up on the playbook. I talked with Brian Mulroe after practice. He said that he is working to become a leader on the offensive line, and help out with some of the younger players. He also credited Al Netter for his leadership. You can see that full interview by clicking the link below.

• Junior linebacker David Nwabuisi talked about his increasing role on the defense. He said that the strong competition amongst the defense is what is motivating him and the rest of the team during this spring.

• Nwabuisi also talked about the defense's brand new attitude this spring. He said that after each play in the scrimmage, the defense had a little extra time to celebrate and congratulate each other.

• The Wildcats will practice again on Tuesday morning at 8:15 a.m.

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