"Transitions" - An Emotional Ending

PurpleWildcats.com is excited to have Juice Thompson blogging about Northwestern, basketball, and life. In his first blog entry, Juice talks about the emotional end to his historic Northwestern basketball career, and how he reacted.

A 69-66 loss. It was finally over. Not the game, but my college career. It felt different than my last home game, against Minnesota. There was no Big Ten Tournament to look forward to and no NIT game to prepare for.

A lot of people have asked me how it felt. How did it feel to end my college career on a third round NIT loss?

Terrible, to say the least.

I still had so much to show, much more to prove. It all happened so fast. When I got to the locker room I went straight to my phone and turned it off. I already knew what the texts and tweets had to say.

"Keep your head up."

"Great college career."

"This is only the beginning."

In reality, what did they really know about how I felt? Nothing.

What if I had hit a couple more three's? One fewer turnover? It was my fault.

That's why Coach Carmody named me captain, right? Captains must handle adversity and always take the blame. He knew exactly why I was fit for the position. I am a strong, emotionless, fearless leader.. Well not today, not this time.

So I sat in the locker room with a towel on my head and cried. Yeah, Michael "Juice" Thompson cries. Shhh don't tell anyone. They say whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. This is where one chapter of my life ends and another begins.

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